Martinez of Marks Paneth enjoys face-to-face networking

October 27, 2014 - Spotlights

Vivian Martinez, Marks Paneth LLP

Name: Vivian Martinez
Title: Partner
Company Name: Marks Paneth LLP
Years in Commercial Real estate: 14 years
Email: [email protected]
In the last 12 months, which project, transaction, honor or accomplishment are you most proud of and why?
The accomplishment that I am the most proud of in the past 12 months is becoming a partner in the real estate group at Marks Paneth LLP. It was an honor and a reward for many years of hard work. I was gratified that my efforts were recognized and acknowledged by the firm.
In addition, in 2013 and 2014, I have been the co-chair of the Real Estate Committee of the Nassau Chapter of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA). The committee provides technical sessions to accountants and tax planners about the financial issues and tax implications involved in real estate transactions. As a co-chair, I have the opportunity to coordinate meetings, identify topics and speakers as well as to share ideas and get a chance to educate myself and my peers.
What social media and/or face to face networking activities do you find most beneficial professionally?
I enjoy face-to-face networking activities. "Hiding behind the computer screen," as I call it, is not as effective as meeting someone face-to-face.
Attending events, mingling with different professionals is definitely my preference and I find it to be most beneficial professionally.
In addition to meetings of the Real Estate Committee for the Nassau Chapter of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, I regularly attend events sponsored by the Long Island Real Estate Group, the Association of Women Accountants in Real Estate, the Asian Real Estate Professionals Association and the National Association of Asian Professionals—New York (NAAP-NY).
What are you doing differently in 2014 that has had positive impact on your career?
Moving into the role of a partner in 2014 was a big step for me, as I have had to balance both my responsibilities to provide excellent client service as well as to generate additional business. In 2014, I have become much more actively involved with networking.
Since becoming a partner at the beginning of the year, I have also expanded my mentoring activities with my staff, which has also had a positive impact both personally and professionally.
What are you doing to increase your client base from local / regional markets to national / global markets?
One way I am increasing my client base is through my involvement with the firm's China Desk. Joining the China Desk has given me the ability to utilize my ethic background, my knowledge of Chinese culture and my real estate expertise.
Through our China Desk, Marks Paneth can assist both Chinese businesses and individuals looking to work, invest, raise capital or do business in the United States. My firm's China Desk provides a cross-disciplinary approach to service delivery.

Real estate in the United States is a key focus for Chinese investors. My colleagues and I advise foreign investors on the tax and practical aspects of real estate investment and tax compliance, whether for investment or personal use.


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