IVY Inc.’s Global Learners Program raises thousands, provides Easter dinner in support of seniors, families and healthcare workers

April 07, 2020 - New York City

New York, NY In honor of the doctors and nurses working tirelessly to win the war against Covid-19, IVY Inc.’s Global Learners Program (GLP) raised funds last week to supply and deliver cooked meals to medical staff at two New York hospitals - Mount Sinai Hospital and Sloan Kettering. Led by founder Ivy McGregor, GLP participants (known as SOARers) rallied together to raise $1,200 in just 8 minutes for the staff. Motivated by their success, the SOARers pooled their resources yet again to extend their outreach and service efforts, raising another $2,000 in 12 minutes. Effective this weekend, McGregor and her team of volunteers launch their Resurrection service plan, a three-tier effort to provide families, seniors and medical staff with meals and money for groceries. 

In the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday, GLP has collaborated with assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez to expand donations within the Bronx in neighborhoods hit the hardest by Coronavirus. The Resurrection service plan begins on Good Friday, when 100 families will receive grocery gift cards to supplement income lost or strained by the pandemic. On Saturday, the team will provide meals to 100 seniors at select NYC senior centers. Many inhabitants have a hard time leaving their homes or being able to connect with loved ones as visitations have been limited in the name of social distancing. These meals will go a long way toward showing support and solidarity. Finally, on Easter Sunday, the team will provide Easter dinner for the evening shift staff at Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx. To pull off this feat, GLP has partnered with local restaurant, Havana Café, to provide 120 meals (drinks included) for the at-risk workers.

IVY Inc.’s Global Learners Program is an online community with an innovative approach to mentorship. With a private Facebook group of nearly 1,000 members, GLP is a collective of creatives and professionals with a common mission to serve through social impact. Their latest philanthropic efforts come as a gesture of solidarity and appreciation toward New York’s healthcare workers, as well as the families and at-risk individuals in need of financial support. “As doctors and nurses are on the front line, we wanted our act of service and support for them to be at the front of our line,” McGregor said. “Because we realize this is a pandemic of epic proportions, it requires every one of us to get innovative to help provide relief.” This week and last, McGregor asked each one of her SOARers for a small contribution of $5 toward the cause. Both times, the group was able to accumulate a sizable donation within minutes to secure hot meals prepared with love, and grocery gift cards to help families meet their basic needs. 

While IVY Inc.’s donation is a start, it is the group’s sincere hope that it will spark further action on behalf of our nation’s essential workers and at-risk communities. For more information about the Global Learners Program, join the community on Facebook at IVY inc SOARers

IVY Inc. Global Learners Program (GLP) is a collective of professionals that are part of the virtual mentorship community led by Founder Ivy McGregor, who is the CEO and Chief Architect of IVY Inc. It is a fresh, new and innovative approach to mentorship designed to help the collective of creatives soar and excel in their respective fields.

GLP Mentees (also known as SOARERS) are people seeking guidance and support to maneuver their career fields, as well as achieve their life-long passions, while expanding opportunities and a supportive network. Through this program, mentees have access to empowerment, inspiration and coaching provided Ivy McGregor.

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