IREM NYC converts classroom courses to virtual courses

May 05, 2020 - Owners Developers & Managers

New York, NY Rather than rescheduling or cancelling, IREM NYC has decided to move all 2020 classroom course offerings to a virtual classroom delivery model. This approach allow us to continue to provide quality education and have students’ paths toward a certification proceed uninterrupted. 

The virtual course will be held at the same time as originally scheduled offerings. They will be held using a web conferencing software in which the instructor can share materials, write on a whiteboard, and have two-way communication with students. Students will participate from their own individual location. 

Students will access their virtual classroom directly through IREM Learning at the course start time each day of the course. Information along with the technical requirements will be communicated to all enrolled students.

Here’s what IREM NY has scheduled (virtually) for the rest of 2020:

Managing Maintenance & Budgeting Track
Course I: Budgeting, Cash Flow and Reporting for Real Estate Investment (May 13 & 14)
Master all the necessary budgeting and accounting skills to help you meet your owner’s goals, improve NOI and make an impact on your property’s value. Explore real-life scenarios to better understand the full financial picture of a property, and walk away prepared to identify opportunities and confront challenges.

Course II: Managing Maintenance and Property Risk (May 11 & 12)
Learn to create and oversee quality, proactive maintenance operations that will minimize unexpected expenses and reduce risk.

Asset Management Track
Course I: Financing and Loan Analysis for Investment Real Estate (June 15 & 16)
While it may not seem important on a day to day basis, understanding financial concepts can help you build value and increase income for your business holdings. Let’s be honest. Fluctuations in the financial and real estate market are inevitable. But with this course, you’ll learn to produce higher revenue for your portfolio – despite the turbulence of the market.

Course II: Performance and Valuation of Investment Real Estate (June 17 & 18)
You’ll receive the tools and skills to determine the performance of real estate assets, allowing you to enhance the long-term financial outlook of your portfolio and secure the future prosperity of your business. While your competitors are thinking about tomorrow, you’ll be playing the long game, thinking 1, 5, and 10 years down the road. And that’s a mindset that investors need and crave in their managers.

Course III: Asset Analysis of Investment Real Estate (June 19)
This deep dive into asset management puts you in the driver’s seat, using real-world investment scenarios, to enable you to consistently deliver forecasted returns for owners and investors. Hands-on application of essential financial concepts will help you perform multiple cash flow analyses.

CPM Capstone, August 10-14
Quickly and efficiently complete the final steps needed to earn your CPM certification! Review key concepts and calculations and then demonstrate proficiency in the elements that make up a management plan by completing the Management Plan Skills Assessment and conclude with the CPM
certification exam.

IREM ARM, November 9-11 and 16-18
The early-career certification for residential property managers
To become an effective residential property manager, you need to know it all: budgeting, leasing, maintenance, risk management, resident relations and retention – all while being accessible to your residents 24/7. And that’s exactly what the Accredited Residential Manager® certification will help you do. It’s the residential property management certification that teaches early-career real estate managers the core competencies to manage residential properties successfully.

IREM ACoM, Date to be announced.
Catapult your commercial property management career
To make your mark early in your commercial property management career, you need to do it all—be an organized manager of on-site maintenance staff.; be an expert in lease negotiations. And you need knowledge of property budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis concepts. That’s exactly what the IREM Accredited Commercial Manager certification will teach you. It’s the commercial property management certification that teaches early-career real estate managers the fundamentals of commercial real estate management.

Courses are from 8:30 to 4:00 and held anywhere you’d like! Please note that you can register for each “track” of classes or for an individual class.

Questions? Please email [email protected] or call 212.944.9445.




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