How high-performance shades benefit schools

February 18, 2011 - Green Buildings

Neil Gordon, Decorating with Fabric

School districts across the country are working to design sustainable solutions that reduce construction and operating costs, and even enhance student learning. Window coverings help address these challenges in a cost effective and practical way. Well-designed motorized and manual shading solutions not only save energy and money, but also optimize natural light.

Payback through Energy Savings
Simply by managing light and heat at the window, shading solutions generate energy savings that can reach 50% or more.
* Window coverings reduce dependence on artificial lighting, harnessing natural light to cut electricity bills significantly.
* They also manage solar heat - blocking the sun when it's hot, but not when it's cold - to lower energy consumption of HVAC systems.
* Motorized/automated shading systems track the sun to ensure best performance throughout the day.

Improving Student Performance
Research indicates that students perform better with access to views and natural light. Tests have shown improvements in learning retention of up to 21%.
* Shades filter direct sunlight to eliminate distractions from glare and reflections off of walls, desks, and computers.
* Translucent shades maintain good outward visibility while retaining shading performance.
* Most interior shades have earned GREENGUARD Children certification, ensuring good air quality.
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