Greiner-Maltz celebrates 65 years of success in New York Metro area commercial real estate

June 19, 2018 - Spotlights
Greiner-Maltz team with Ryan Serhant of Bravo TV

Rye Brook, NY The New York Real Estate Journal recently sat down with Greiner-Maltz Realty Advisors LLC to discuss their upcoming 65th year anniversary.

Greiner-Maltz moderates a Bisnow event in New
Rochelle. Shown (from left) are: New Rochelle mayor
Noam Bramson and Ayall Schanzer of Greiner-Maltz.

Q. What milestone are you celebrating in 2018?

A. Greiner-Maltz is celebrating 65 years of success at the center of the New York metropolitan area commercial real estate market. Over the years, New York’s building and landscape has dramatically changed as has the brokerage industry. However, the one thing that has not changed since its founding in 1953 is Greiner-Maltz’ commitment to providing our clients with exceptional results and an extraordinary experience.

Q. How has Greiner-Maltz survived in the most complex and competitive real estate market place (NYC)?

A. There are three key ingredients to our enduring success, market intelligence, intelligent marketing and best-of-breed brokers. For over six decades, our firm has been tracking real estate data and utilizing that institutional knowledge to help our clients complete successful leasing and sales transactions. Greiner-Maltz has kept pace with the political substructure, ever-changing real estate law, governmental benefit packages and zoning changes, which often represent the “secret sauce” of highly remunerative transactions.

Our proprietary database compiles information curated for over 60 years that is unavailable anywhere else. At Greiner-Maltz we work hard to provide each client with the attention, expertise, targeted documentation and marketing savvy needed to successfully complete their transaction. From the initial meeting through transaction completion, Greiner-Maltz’ brokers design and adapt their deliverables and strategy based on our clients’ specific requirements.

2018 Key Highlights

• Top industrial deals Q1 and Q2, 2018; 

• Tracking to complete nearly $1 billion in transactions in 2018; and

• Partnering with Bravo TV to film an episode of a new series.

Today, Greiner-Maltz maintains its relevancy within the market leveraging the very latest technology and new levels of data intelligence. Greiner-Maltz continues to be the Industrial expert in the Tristate area, but has expanded focus to include all types of commercial real estate transactions. We have expanded our client offerings to include capital markets, government relations, land use expertise and more, including greater insight into the individual submarkets through growing relationships with market participants, and partnering with companies like BISNOW. We enjoy what we do, and it shows. One visit to our weekly meetings shows a collaborative team, one that cares about its clients and their satisfaction. But don’t answer your cell phone during our meetings, or you will be forced to perform the chicken dance for everyone in the board room!

Greiner-Maltz continues to show its predominance in the market completing the top industrial deals during the first two quarters of 2018. No staid tired firm of real estate dinosaurs, Greiner-Maltz can be seen all over the Tri-State area and has even joined the realm of reality tv, partnering with Bravo TV on their latest series, “Sell It Like Serhant,” further increasing our brand recognition and market presence.

Q. What’s on the horizon for Greiner-Maltz?

A. With brokerage firms becoming more corporate and staid, Greiner-Maltz is committed to its entrepreneurial spirit and to providing our brokers with a nurturing and collaborative work environment together with a robust and efficient technology platform. With our investment in technology and our ability to capitalize on up-to-the-minute market intelligence, we provide our brokers with the ability to be faster, better and more efficient than our competitors. We have thrived in this industry for as long as we have by always being one step ahead of the pack.

We are excited about our future and believe we will help shape the next generation of brokerage and land use.



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