Good public relations is more than content - Harry Zlokower

May 10, 2022 - Front Section

As websites and digital marketing proliferate, the question asked frequently is, “What do real estate firms and professionals need to promote their companies and clients and when do they need it?” The answer is good, useful, timely story lines and the time is “yesterday.”

In this way, public relations is similar to journalism. It is story and deadline driven as are the media it is endeavoring to reach. A difference can occur in the messaging and branding. While a goal of journalism is to deliver useful information and attract audience, real estate professionals should want the same as well as to promote your brand as authentic, reliable and well-informed.

A client (not real estate) once complained that a press release did not say enough promotional things about them, that it concentrated too much on news, informational detail and commentary, which is what editors prefer. There is a reason for that. Your information provides a public service, which is also what PR is about, but it is also an effort to persuade editors, that you are worth quoting and/or including in their issue or broadcast. So, keep that in mind the next time your PR person asks for news or has questions about a deal, a new appointment or the market. They need more than words of praise, they need substance and news.

When it comes to reporting a deal, accurate details are essential, but so are reasons as to why the deal is newsworthy. Are you adding something to the district? Is there a prominent architect involved? Is there something about the price or terms of the deal? The old adage “You have to give something to get something” applies. In this case you are giving a journalist a story they can use, and you are recognized for this service.

Harry Zlokower is a real estate public relations consultant based in New York.

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