Gobii launches its NYC Platform, system for NYC landlords and management companies

August 06, 2020 - Owners Developers & Managers

New York, NY Gobii celebrated the release of its NYC Platform, combining landlord tools and public portal interconnected by a consolidated communication system that brings landlords, management companies and their renters closer together. The site uses pioneering software, bringing efficiency to the industry, improving occupancy rates, lowering operating costs in a fraction of time. 

“Gobii is the most comprehensive real estate system ever developed for NYC, a highly advanced solution out there, at an unbelievable price”, said Martin Mucha, Gobii’s CEO. “Gobii creates an entirely new category of online management and collaboration, one that will connect landlords with renters in a much more personal, intuitive, and fun way than ever before.” 

Gobii’s new user interface is based on an intuitive set of tools: An advanced search with deep integration of public records, data analytics, cloud document management, CRM capabilities, automated advertising of Google AdWords, and real time notifications–all of which are interconnected through the chat function that will streamline communication and leasing process. 

Portfolio Management 

Gobii supports portofolio management and seamless submission and maintenance of rental listings. This will not only streamline the way in which landlords manage listings, but will also enable them to syndicate to other sites. 


The Gobii Platform offers a powerful cost-effective marketing tool – allowing automated micro-targeting of listings to potential clients who meet their exact consumer profile and geographic criteria. Listings will be published through Google AdWords and displayed on over two million participating websites. 

Search & Analytics 

Extensive search filters, listing and building pages, deep integration with public records, historical data, transportation, and advanced analytics combine with powerful map search to make Gobii’s public portal the most advanced search engine in real estate. 

Chat & Collaboration 

A simple and intuitive chat is the backbone of Gobii’s communication system. This tool constitutes a major breakthrough in landlord/client collaboration. In one simple thread, agents and clients can exchange listings, react, share searches and documents making communication instant, organized, and professional. Gobii Chat provides streamlined cooperation for agent teams, both internally and externally.


Gobii’s contact center doubles as a light CRM tool by enabling landlords to keep track of past interactions and client information. This is enabled by seamlessly importing contacts from Android or iOS devices. Moreover, users have access to a contact book of NYC real estate professionals that updates on a daily basis.


Gobii supports the world’s largest cloud document services, including integrations with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, enabling flawless document collaboration.


Notification Center provides users with an innovative way to easily access all notifications, saved listings, searches, messages, birthdays, documents, calendar alerts and more, all in one place.

iOS / Android App 

Gobii is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The application offers a wide variety of functionalities, including sync with contacts, calendar, documents, photos, Siri and Google Voice, enhanced security via FaceID, and TouchID as well as instant push notifications.

Gobii’s vision to innovate, empower, and bring together NYC‘s real estate community is more important than ever before. Today, we are taking a lead to real estate technology innovation - providing seamless experience and empowering real estate communities with breakthrough services.



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