Gamco Corp. retained for “Invisiguard” glass partition system installations

July 21, 2020 - Design / Build

Flushing, NY Gamco Corp’s new Invisiguard glass partition system is fast becoming the choice for many New York metro area reopening businesses that require transparent safety barriers in the workplace.  This is especially true for upscale firms where, unlike acrylic or polycarbonate materials, the Invisiguard’s true glass elegance adds to, rather than detracts from, the workplace décor.  Since its introduction, scores of the Invisiguard Glass Partition System have been installed at reception areas, in doctor and dentist offices, in architecture and attorney offices, car dealerships, home improvement showrooms, and numerous retail and sales counters.

Gamco has added to its You Tube channel an animated video showing the simplicity of components and easy installation of Invisiguard. See the video at here.

“Scores of New York area businesses are seeing the need for a high-end true glass transparent barrier at counters, desks, or other workplaces,” said Johnson Chen, Gamco’s general manager.  “I am glad that the Gamco Invisiguard partition is now available to fulfill those critical needs.”

Gamco’s new Invisiguard Glass Partition System is designed with simplicity, ease of installation, flexibility, elegance, and effectiveness in mind.  The Invisiguard Glass Partition System can be adapted for virtually any office, retail, commercial, or institutional application which now requires a transparent physical barrier between employees or customers.  

It is perfect for reception desks, retail sales counters, offices, grocery checkouts, lunch and break rooms, and other spaces needing safety and compliance with physical separation recommendations during and after the pandemic crisis. Furthermore, unlike inferior acrylic and polycarbonate sneeze guard partitions which can scratch, discolor, and haze over time, the Gamco Invisiguard Glass Partition System is more hygienic, easy to clean, and will retain its initial beauty, elegance, and transparency for decades.

The Gamco Invisiguard Glass Partition System uses safe tempered high quality low-iron content glass for the utmost in clarity and transparency, allowing for interactions as if without a barrier. In addition, the glass surfaces are treated with a hydrophobic coating, making it extremely easy to clean and resistant to streaks, stains, smudges, dust, and water spots. With both sides of the glass barrier water and soil repellent, the Invisiguard provides an excellent invisible shield to saliva and water droplets contained in coughs, sneezes, and conversations.  The CNC precision-cut and edge-polished glass panels can be custom ordered with optional cutouts to facilitate unobstructed pass-through for documents, cash, and credit card transactions.

The Gamco Invisiguard Glass Partition System uses a strong durable aluminum anchoring support system along the bottom edge consisting of a 3-?” height square or bevel base shoe with an internal U-channel anchor to secure the base shoe to the counter or tabletop. The maximum height for a standard Invisiguard partition is 26-½” including the base shoe.  Taller glass partitions require additional glass edge attachment accessories.  In addition, the Invisiguard system is customizable to virtually every application and extremely easy to install.  Best of all, Gamco is offering 3-day turnaround for fully fabricated, installation-ready complete standard units.

The Gamco Invisiguard partitions are now available for immediate sale to glaziers, glass shops, contractors, and other businesses. 



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