Executive of the Month: Monte Sinisi of Fire Barrier Experts works to enhance fire barrier performance to save lives

May 19, 2020 - Design / Build

Manasquan, NJ Monte Sinisi, vice president of operations and assessments for Fire Barrier Experts is this month’s featured executive. 

A recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Sinisi has years of experience in the field. He works tightly with companies in a variety of industries world-wide including commercial and residential buildings, utility and waste companies, energy storage partnerships, etc. Sinisi’s main focus is to ensure compliance and correspondence worldwide while implementing the company policy.

Fire Barrier Experts performing an assessment at a high-rise property

NYREJ: What was the start of Fire Barrier Experts? How did you know the industry was a good one to be a part of? 

Sinisi: This is a family business my father started 20+ years ago and believe it or not, I’ve grown up knowing that every building in the U.S. has fire barriers and many have smoke control barriers. It is well known in the industry that 85% of fire barrier in buildings have breaches and openings that can allow for uncontrolled migration of fire, smoke and toxic gas. With my interest in security and safety, it was easy to see a future enhancing fire barrier performance to save lives and introducing new solutions like ballistic fire barriers and bio containment fire barriers to an emerging industry.

NYREJ: Tell us about your experience prior to Fire Barrier Experts. 

Sinisi: I am a recent graduate from the University of Rhode Island where I received a Bachelor of Science and played five years of college football as a defensive lineman in the CAA. 

NYREJ: What type of projects does your company participate in? Where is the focus at in this point in time? 

Sinisi: Our focus is on providing world class protection to world class facilities as well as critical infrastructure. Everything we do supports our company’s slogan, “Always Protecting.” We have several large substation projects and initiatives that we learn from every day. Many of our clients are well established but are re-thinking safety and security in today’s environment for the first time in many years so all of our projects respond to the “Voice of the Client.”

NYREJ: What has been your favorite project so far and why? What made it interesting as opposed to others? 

Sinisi: I had the opportunity to assess 21 of the largest substations in the country for ballistic and terrorist threats last summer. With that, we have been developing and deploying fire barrier solutions, several in which, are being installed this fall. It has been a great experience to see projects go from inception and assessment, then through the design and fabrication process, to the final installation in order to mitigate a problem.

NYREJ: What are some new products and services that Fire Barrier Experts provides that makes you stand out against competitors? What is your edge? 

Sinisi: Focus, at Sinisi we are truly fire barrier experts. Our firm brings world-class resources, experience, and solutions to our clients every day. Offering turn-key solutions and real “Voice of the Client” solutions allows us to facilitate approvals, respond to violations and solve protection problems at the most difficult levels for Americas’ largest companies.

Using industry knowledge and expertise gathered from over 30 years, our experience makes our firm a valuable resource to anyone concerned about fire barriers, compliance, and liability. 

NYREJ: What do you think is the most important aspect in reaching the right target audience? 

Sinisi: Education. We educate every day on the importance of properly operating fire barriers. In addition to writing and delivering the N.J. State Education for Building Inspectors, the entire Sinisi team educates companies, professional organizations, engineers, architects, life safety professionals, etc. Just in this past year, we have provided over 100 web seminars and suitcase classes containing over 1,000 attendees.

NYREJ: What is your ultimate goal as a company to achieve? We know you are solution and prevention/containment oriented in your products. Tell us more… 

Sinisi: Our goal is to assure that everyone understands the importance of fire barriers to life safety and security in today’s world. Once the audience understands that fire barriers not only protect you in place, but they protect your ability to get out of a facility and minimize loss, risk, and liability, then we will feel as if our job has been done well.

NYREJ: What are some long-term goals for your company in the future? 

Sinisi: Sinisi Solutions is here for the long term. In addition to bolstering in-house sales efforts, we have been working with many industry partners, including major utilities, to develop the next generation of fire barriers. This includes work supporting Energy storage systems, green fire protection, and critical infrastructure protection. 

NYREJ: What is the importance in making yourself known in the real estate industry? Specifically, NYREJ? 

Sinisi: Over the years, Fire Barrier Experts has performed many jobs in the New York Metropolitan area for building owners and managers. This includes work throughout Wall St., museums, hospitals, as well as the city’s largest high-rise buildings and greatest facilities. Unfortunately, many of these projects were triggered by disasters such as 911, Superstorm Sandy, and COVID-19. We want to educate everyone that the fire barriers, which are required by building code, have performance integrity – dampers, stops and doors – and are “Always Protecting.”

NYREJ: How has your industry been affected by the Coronavirus? Do you see any real threat? 

Sinisi: Yes. In addition to increased healthcare only facility work, we are seeing a major change in the workplace environment – separation. Fire barriers contain things, and many are designed to hold back smoke without a fire. These fire barriers can also help minimize or eliminate the potential cross contamination from examples such as a doctor’s office or the trash storage areas in a multi-use building. We help separate.

NYREJ: Since the last time you were featured in NYREJ, has there been any important changes in what your company does now? What type of growth have you seen? 

Sinisi: My dad was featured in NYREJ back in 2009 writing about the importance of fire barriers; I hope to be back again soon.



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