Energized startups abound and Riverdale rocks! Hey yo...ya gotta love Get BX'd...Hooya!

January 13, 2012 - Spotlights

Susan Lynne Seidner Chasky, Exclusive Properties Sotheby's International Realty

Opt-in to Get BX'd (being proud to enjoy a positive [Bronx] experience) in the charged up evolving northwest corner of the city, getting to be known as the new go to hood of New York.
There's a new optimistic attitude for 2012 on North of Manhattan's (NoMA's) commercial byways. It was only three years ago when this area reeked of unsightly vacant stores; now having given way to a new breed of enterprising immigrant entrepreneurs who are living the all American dream by owning their own small expanding businesses into a variety of growth opportunities that has enlivened the local scene - transforming Riverdale to become known as the Bronx's foremost international dining destination featuring quality ethnic cuisines and nourishing authentic cooking - all housed in comfortable talkable settings that truly is satisfying with notable attentive service (usually the owner is in attendance) and at reasonable doable affordability.
NoMA's downtown dining district is primarily located between 235th St. and 238th on Riverdale Ave. and Johnson Ave. This New Year will be welcomed with a boisterous Hooya even in this less than optimum economy. Can anyone really complain about having to take a staycation in the world's greatest city? After all, there's a new credo taking hold: Shop Local, and if possible - walk, don't drive - after all it's ever so easy when you live in Riverdale.
For those chomping at the bit, hungry on the prowl residents who are night owls, and also taking into account the many visitors to Riverdale via its nearby proximity to and from the neighboring cultural activities, medical facilities, and educational campuses of the Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester there are new openings planned this winter warming up for a robust spring. First is the Mediterranean flavors of the Greek Express Restaurant that is now expanding their dynamics to include wine, beer and al fresco dining; next to open will be Yo - Burger, a self serve frozen yogurt, shakes and burgers restaurant with free Wi-Fi access that'll cater to the must be connected Internet generation; and the Tin Martin Tapas Restaurant and Bar featuring small bites of Spanish flavors. Also soon to be unveiled, a nostalgia styled fun diner! Add to the mix on Riverdale Avenue are Shoshi's Israeli Kosher Market, Generico's Pizzeria & Café, Salvatores of Soho, The Corner Café, Ginger Tree and more plus on Johnson Avenue are the main stays: Liebman's, Cumin Indian Cuisine, Hunan Balcony, Blue Bay, Metate, J.Jade Dim Sum Café & Sushi, Tokyo Sushi Japanese Cuisine - So come hungry, enjoy and don't forget to shop too - check out Scruples, a fabulous European fashion salon.
Traditionally a quiet community, Riverdale has rolled up its streets by 9 p.m. but that was old school. Soon there will be a new and wished for night life scene when these new bistros, bars and lounges take hold this spring. These energized proprietors, being the backbone and heart of the hood understand the changing demographics and how to cater to them accordingly.
Riverdale has become the top international restaurant destination in the Bronx because it offers a cosmopolitan choice! The other two dining hubs in the Bronx are on City Island, which has the flavor of a New England fishing village but with big box catering halls specializing in seafood. And then there's New York's second Little Italy located on Arthur Ave. crossing East 187th St. This back in the Bronx neighborhood still has Italian specialty food markets and the classic restaurants including Roberto's, Mario's and Dominick's.
The Riverdale residential market is still offering very attractive opportunities with sharp sale incentives. The rental market is fast paced as usual with shortages in this limited geographic enclave. Truly it's more sensible to be a buyer than to rent now with the interest rates at the lowest point in years. Riverdale Rocks - Need to downsize or cut your overhead? Maybe you need to Move On Up? Greater Riverdale's got it all - you'll love it!
So what are you waiting for... Get BX'd today... Hooya!

Susan Lynne Seidner Chasky is an associate broker at Exclusive Properties Sotheby's International Realty, Riverdale, N.Y.


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