Eastern Union graduates its 75th broker, makes training program open to the public

February 16, 2021 - New York City

Brooklyn, NY Eastern Union just graduated its 75th broker and is now making the heart of its broker training program available to members of the public who seek a comprehensive understanding of the commercial real estate sector.

The first-of-its-kind, 21-day educational offering, with contents encompassing all aspects of the industry, is called “ABC21,” which stands for “Ambitious Boot Camp in 21 Days.”

To maximize convenience for participants, program timetables are highly flexible. Enrollees are able to select their own starting date, and can complete the program over a 21-day period through a commitment of at least two hours per day.

“Eastern Union has successfully trained many of the industry’s highest-performing brokers, and now we’re sharing our formula for success,” said Ira Zlotowitz, president and co-founder of Eastern Union. “We are offering the core of our training program to those who have a professional interest in commercial real estate.

Built upon the three pillars of C-suite-level mentorship, hands-on learning, and real world experience, ABC21 topics include mortgages, underwriting, credit, deal structures, asset classes, sales training, bridge lending and others.

ABC21 includes hands-on, C-suite mentorship from Zlotowitz and Abe Bergman, co-founder and general manager of the company. The two have trained hundreds of today’s top earners in the sector.

Attendees also gain exclusive access to a full and expansive library of training resources and videos addressing all aspects of the industry. 

“We call this unique program ‘ABC21’ because, like a high-intensity boot camp, we’ve condensed a full-scale understanding of a large and complex industry into only 21 days,” said Zlotowitz. “Leveraging a full array of educational tools and resources, ‘boot camp’ participants come away with a comprehensive knowledge of commercial real estate.”

The program is ideal for people thinking of switching careers, those just starting off in building their careers, individuals working at banks, title companies or investment companies who want to learn about commercial real estate, and others interested in expanding their understanding of the industry.

“If you want to learn the fundamentals of commercial real estate from authorities in the field, ABC21 is perfect for you” said Mr. Zlotowitz. “It’s a bold and potent platform that provides a behind-the-scenes perspective into the high-stakes field of commercial real estate. And all in 21 days.”

Attendees virtually experience every aspect of the commercial real estate brokerage business and participate online within the milieu of the day-to-day activities of Eastern Union’s remote office workspace.

There is no charge for attending ABC21 for those who enroll between now and February 28, with the exception of a $35 tech fee. For those registering on March 1 or beyond, the cost of participation is $700, in addition to the $35 tech fee.   

Interested parties can apply to participate in ABC21 by visiting www.abc21.easternunion.com     



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