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Cortlandt, where life works, the economy is evolving, and the future is bright

March 23, 2021 - Front Section
 Opening last year is the striking “Cortlandt Crossing.” This shopping hub won swift approval as the Town Board served as lead agency eliminating duplicate approvals and shorten the permitting process.

Cortlandt, NY There is a hidden gem nestled against the eastern banks of the Hudson River, less than an hour train ride from Midtown Manhattan. It is the Town of Cortlandt, where life works at home, work and play, and it is prime for investment. Commercial space is often available with twice the space at half the cost. A willing, educated and diverse workforce is there to staff and operate a business. Cortlandt has a lifestyle second to none and a location that provides great transportation. The average household income, within a ten-mile radius, is $113,830. Couple that with the towns population’s average age of 41.4 years and there is a ripe market for all types of goods and services.

Cortlandt completed an award-winning Sustainable Master Plan three years ago that focused on economic development. It helped the town to focus on trends for the future of employment, which even today continue to evolve. It targeted four strategic areas for economic growth. These four “districts” are: Transit-oriented District centered around one of Cortlandt’s two Metro North stations; Medical-oriented District encompassing New York Presbyterian - Hudson Valley Hospital; Cortlandt Blvd., a major corridor that carries 16,000 cars per day to various retail, office and service businesses; and the Waterfront Sustainability District where multiple opportunities exist to create a recreational/cultural presence. Each of these districts has a magnet present yet plenty of opportunity in surrounding undeveloped or under-developed properties—some owned by the town which is seeking public/private partnerships.

Perhaps most important to investors and developers is the welcoming attitude. Cortlandt wants you to do business here and its leadership will do all it can to make the approval process easy and expeditious. Depending upon the proposed project, the Town Board may act as lead agency, thus reducing a second round of public hearings and approval votes. The town is revising sections of its code to eliminate prior bottlenecks to the adaptation of certain buildings that have outlived their original purpose but are well suited for today’s changing landscape. Under the direction of town supervisor Linda Puglisi, the Town Board staff have been directed to coordinate meetings so that an investor or developer can meet at one time with all the key stakeholders. This affords the investor instant and complete feedback and indicates the feasibility of the project before the expenditure of time and money for development costs.

A prime consideration for business is the town’s stable leadership, fiscal certainty and commitment to economic growth. The supervisor and Town Board have served together for over a decade, so a developer can feel at ease that a project that is green lighted one year isn’t derailed after the next local election. The town has tripled its reserve fund over the past 30 years and property taxes have increased on average at 1% over the past 29 years. It has committed over $160 million to capital projects to enhance infrastructure, while protecting open space (over 3,000 acres in the past decade).

Cortlandt is 40 square miles with 15 miles of riverfront, over 40 recreational sites, a major shopping corridor and smaller enclaves of small businesses and friendly residential neighborhoods. It is within a 35 minute drive of two commercial airports (Westchester County Airport and Stewart Airport), has two Metro North stations and is one of two Amtrak stations between New York City and Albany. There are miles of highways, getting to, from and through Cortlandt, or if you prefer it is served by Westchester County’s Bee Line bus or even ride your bike on many of the wide, smooth roadways.

Cortlandt too is noted for its historical record, cultural events and its recreational outlets. Surrounding the City of Peekskill and with New York City a short train ride away, Cortlandt provides that touch of urban life when desired, while giving your business, employees and customers the benefits of open space and outdoor entertainment and activities, even at home.

Cortlandt truly is where life works. What works for you? Let Cortlandt know and our team will help turn your vision into reality. We want your business here.



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