Corporate Milestones: Eastman Cooke: Envisioning a bright future

June 16, 2020 - Spotlights
The Eastman Cooke team breaking ground on a four-story, 12,000 s/f, ground-up structure for Central Assisted Living in Far Rockaway, Queens. Working closely with Marc Landow of Landow and Landow Architects, Eastman Cooke developed a clear path forward for the owners, Boris Mendel and Eric Mendel.

Eastman Cooke, IREON member
CEO: Peter Morandi
5 Hanover Sq., New York, N.Y.

Q&A with Peter Morandi, CEO, Eastman Cooke & IREON Member

What milestone is Eastman Cooke celebrating in 2020?

2020 marks the beginning of our second decade in the general contracting and construction management business. 

In 2009, why did you decide to start a business?

Coming from a multi-generational family of contractors, I hoped to carry on a legacy, but it was even more than that. I wanted to influence the industry. I wanted to bring back the distinction of being a builder. 

Now that you’ve achieved 10 years in the business, what’s the biggest challenge going forward?

Our core business is effectively executing challenging, highly regulated projects. When a client hires Eastman Cooke, they know they’ll be working with a dedicated team that understands the Department of Buildings, the regulations set by the Department of Health and the nuances that go along with all of the city and state agencies. Internally, we hire based on character, and we teach the skills required to make a project successful. Replicating these teams requires a lot of effort, but this allows us to approach every project with commitment and passion, staying true to the values of ECA. 

“On behalf of the KCA Queens, it is my pleasure to extend to you and your team our congratulations on a job well done. Thank you for your dedication and tireless attention to detail during the construction of our Audi auto dealership in Flushing. For Audi/Queens, your team overcame every challenge in a professional manner, responded to our needs to a meticulous degree and successfully brought the job to fruition. We are thrilled with the results and very proud of the Queens dealership facility. Looking forward to working with you on the next one!” –Jim Eagleton, real estate manager, KCA Queens, LLC

What differentiates Eastman Cooke from other contractors?

Along with our work ethic and high standards of performance, we’ve carved a niche in the industry by gaining expertise in working successfully in innovative environments. We have experience with bio-medical institutions, labs and start-ups that are making medical breakthroughs. It’s kind of like the Sherpas who navigate mountains; our team gets our clients up to the summit and back. 

Any future projections about the commercial real estate industry?

I believe regulations will continue to dominate the industry. Owners, builders and tenants need to be as up-to-date as ever. The pandemic of 2020 gave pause to many businesses and put an increased focus on safety. The protection of everyone on our job sites has always been a high priority and will continue to be. As a general contractor, I focus on leading our company as a constant in the industry. No matter what the market brings, we will always be innovative, ready to solve any challenge that presents itself and eager to work as true collaborators with an unwavering focus on quality. It comes down to building long-term value for clients.



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