CoreNet NYC hosts university fall mixer at The Bridge

October 16, 2018 - New York City

Manhattan, NY The CoreNet NYC External Relations and Young Leader Committees hosted a university fall mixer on the art of salary negotiation at The Bridge at Cornell Tech at 11 East Loop Rd. The event took place on September 6th. 

The CoreNet NYC External Relations and Young Leaders committees came together to host this educational networking event, designed to encourage discussion regarding salary and compensation within the current real estate market. Held at Cornell Tech’s new cutting-edge biotech campus on Roosevelt Island, the Fall Mixer provided useful information and resources for all attendees whether they are in the early stages of studying real estate or already working in the industry. The event also allowed attendees to preview this new center for technology and life sciences at Cornell Tech.

Emily Lamia, founder and CEO of Pivot Journeys, Brian Schwagerl, Clinical Professor at New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate and Lee Grandovic, senior managing Consultant at Helbling & Associates, Inc. helped steer the conversation. 

“Our goal was to provide in-depth guidance on everything from salary market rates to appropriate negotiation language.” said Schwagerl. “We worked to breakdown the complex topic down into simpler, straightforward concepts and I hope that the attendees walked away feeling more confident about their ability to strategically approach salary discussions.”

Lamia asked Grandovic if in his several years of recruiting he could remember a time where a candidate’s job offer was rescinded after the candidate asked for a higher salary. Grandovic responded that he couldn’t think of a time where that had happened and that, “as long as your ask is reasonable, employers are not going to take back the offer.”

“Your job offer is so much more than just the salary number,” said Lamia. “Understanding the full benefits package - retirement matching, health care premiums, tuition credits, bonus structure and more - is critical so that you can truly evaluate the whole offer.” 



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