Able Safety offers tips for how to spend time in quarantine usefully

May 12, 2020 - Front Section

Massapequa Park, NY Quarantine has changed our life. It does not allow us to leave our homes, to meet our friends, to visit cinemas, museums, to continue the process of teaching and learning. However, despite all the difficulties and troubles, we must learn to find positive moments in what is happening. Sooner or later, but quarantine will finish and it depends on us what we will be after. Now, staying at home and having enough time, we have a great opportunity to improve our skills and work habits by taking the training. As we cannot visit any courses during quarantine, Able Safety can help–most of the training that is required for the builders such as SST, EPA, and OSHA safety courses are available online. 

SST Online courses

Every employee who needs an SST card can receive it after taking Site Safety Training (SST). This course focuses on occupational health and safety problems, helps in recognizing and reducing the risks at the construction sites. Also, do not miss the opportunity to have drug and alcohol awareness classes online and fall prevention online course before the September 1st deadline. 

10 Hour SST DOB online. As you know by Local Law 196 of 2017, workers who plan to receive an SST card must complete NYC DOB SST training that includes 30-hour OSHA, 2-hour Fall Prevention and 2-hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness courses. 10-hour NYC DOB SST training online is the package of the two courses–Fall Prevention and Drug and Alcohol Awareness. Now it is the easiest and most convenient to have SST training 2020, as you can take SST course class 10 at a low price. SST training NYC is available on any web-enabled device.

Flagger online courses

The Work Zone Flagger course will be interesting for those who are going to be professional flaggers. This course will describe to you how to protect the safety of workers and the general public, how to minimize risk by using the standard flagging procedure. 

EPA online courses

For those who plan to renew an EPA certificate, now it is a good chance to do it. During 4-hour lead certification online training you will learn how to test for lead-based-paint, how to organize your work while using lead-safe work practices, how to inspect and clean the work area and more. 

OSHA 30 online

An OSHA 30 card can be received by undergoing OSHA 30 online in the form of a webinar. It is one of the most important courses and cannot be trained online. It is a very interesting and informative course, after which you will learn construction safety and health principles, about risks connecting to unsafe use of scaffolding equipment on construction sites, appropriate personal protective and lifesaving equipment and more. 

Our life is continuing and eventually will begin to heal. Do not waste time, do not miss an opportunity. Choose one of the courses to develop your professional competence. And, when quarantine will finish, you can start working immediately with new knowledge!



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