2020 Women in RE: Shabana Rizvi, Lynx Bank Mortgage LLC

May 19, 2020 - Spotlights

Name: Shabana Rizvi 

Title: Senior Vice President 

Company Name: Lynx Bank Mortgage LLC

What recent project, transaction or accomplishment are you most proud of? 
I worked with a woman going through a divorce who has two young children, one of whom is autistic. She needed a home in a neighborhood that has access to the types of schools and services her children needed. Taking advantage of my network, I referred her to a Realtor who addressed her specialized needs. Helping her navigate a process that can be overwhelming, and knowing that doing so benefits and improves her life and the life of her children is the highlight of my career. Homeownership is a goal that I help people achieve, and I’m very proud of that.

What conferences, books, blogs, podcasts, or influencers would you recommend to women? 
I encourage women to join professional associations and attend conferences in their industry in order to gain exposure and access to the professional networks that will help them advance in their careers. I also advise that women listen to professionalizing podcasts - I personally listen to Mortgage Banker University & The Investor ‘s Podcast - but everyone should find whichever has the most up-to-date information and trends pertaining to their industry. All industries, but especially ours, center on data and the ability to adapt quickly. So, as they say, knowledge is power! A resource I often turn to is TheGlassHammer.com. 

What is one characteristic that you believe every woman in business should possess? 
Empathy. Women often get stereotyped for being emotional but I believe that understanding where a person is coming from, being able to pick up on their subtle cues and communications, and addressing their needs is a professional skill everyone should aspire to. Empathy includes compassion, but also insight and responsiveness. I bring 30 years of experience–both of the industry and the market, but also of people’s needs, worries and hopes–to every conversation and interaction that I have. I use every tool at my disposal to benefit clients, colleagues, and my team.



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