2020 Women in RE: Galiya Khusniyarova, Tri State Commercial Realty

May 19, 2020 - Spotlights

Name: Galiya Khusniyarova

Title: Managing Director

Company Name: Tri State Commercial Realty 

What would you tell your daughter if she was interested in following in your footsteps?
Women are not expected to be successful in real estate, it’s mainly the men’s world. And from my experience trying to compete with men is a lot of times difficult, and the best thing to do is just do your own thing, without showing that you are eager to compete. Just get the results, results and numbers usually speak for you, they define your ego. And if someone tells me that real estate is not for women my answer is: “Good, let everyone think this way, less competition for me.” My three-month-old daughter actually already attended showings with me, and we closed two deals together. I believe in Girls’ power!

What was your favorite job and what did you learn from it?
My current job is my favorite so far. I’ve learned a lot here for 4.5 years that I’ve been with the company. The most important thing that I’ve learned is that to be successful in real estate is easy, you just need to do the right thing and keep professional. You might think that there are so many agents on the market and that competition is fierce, but the truth is there are not so many agents that provide top notch service consistently with professionalism and transparency. And we are not just closing deals–we provide service to our clients and many times we become business advisors. It feels great when you are able to see the value of service that you provide that goes beyond just financial compensation, it gives you great satisfaction, and breaking stereotypes of profession “real estate agent.”

What conferences, books, blogs, podcasts, or influencers would you recommend to women?
You can follow different influencers or role models depending on what interest in life you have. I’m following Betheny Frankel–known to be one of best businesswomen, founder of brand Skinny Girl, Emily Skye–australian fitness instructor and owner of her own cosmetics line and Shay Mitchel–actress originally from Canada and also founder of Baggage and purses line. All of these women among many have in common that they are successful business women and mothers. A lot of people tend to think that it’s impossible to have it all, but those women inspire and remind you that you are capable of more than you think, and then people expect of you.

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