Executive of the Month: Yale Stogel helping connect clients with engineering, inspection, and testing in NYC

October 20, 2020 - Design / Build
Yale Stogel

New York, NY Yale Stogel, SVP of business development at Alan Margolin & Associates (AMAA), has focused his career on pursuing strategic opportunities and establishing client relationships with the goal of growing and expanding the organization. With an experienced background in sales and marketing, Stogel connects with various industry leaders in the NYC construction industry and substantiates the quality of AMAA’s suite of special inspection, material testing, and structural engineering services. Stogel emphasizes the importance of these services throughout the industry to help ensure everyone is focused on the safety of life and property throughout construction. 

As the SVP of business development at AMAA, Stogel leads and oversees all sales and marketing efforts, heads business development, and implements the firm’s creative strategies and expansion of services. He works closely with the AMAA team to ensure all current and potential clients are satisfied with the services provided. Stogel is constantly reaching out and checking in with customers to see if there are any comments, questions, concerns, with the inspection work taking place on active jobs, as AMAA prides themselves on service. As someone in business development, Stogel is always looking to help others and in turn make long lasting connections and relationships, especially on the golf course. As an amateur golf-champ, he also freely shares his golf tips. 

Stogel has always had an ability to communicate well and effortlessly collaborate with others. His drive and charisma were apparent early on and starting at a young age he had an affinity for connecting with people. He grew up in Eastchester, NY where he attended Eastchester High School, was on the Student Council, played varsity basketball, and was the captain of the undefeated golf team. Stogel went on to attend Jacksonville University in Florida on a golf scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing.

46-74 Gansevoort Street, AMAA is providing special inspection
services to the redevelopment of the Gansevoort Market Block,
ranging from buildings 46 through 74

Stogel started his career in the advertising world, following his father’s footsteps. After graduation, he joined his family’s firm, Stogel Advertising, and worked his way up to become the vice president, account supervisor. During his time at the advertising firm, Stogel was able to hone his skills and secure numerous new accounts for the company. He shaped new opportunities for the company and grew to manage all aspects of advertising, creative, media planning, promotional activations including Pioneer Electronics, JVC Electronics, TDK, Konica Photo Imaging, DeLonghi, and celebrity endorsements including Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Allman Brothers, and Andy Warhol.

In 1989 Stogel decided to utilize his marketing background and launched The Sports Alliance, which specialized in sports, trade shows, and customized special events. Some of his top accomplishments were the creation of the largest Pro AM of its kind, the ESPN nationally televised Mitsubishi Motors Invitational LPGA Pro AM from Scottsdale AZ., Konica U.S. Virgin Islands televised golf classic, being retained by ESPN to produce special events around 11 Super Bowls, U.S. Opens, Masters, ESPY Awards, orchestrated Blue Diamond Almonds as the “Official Healthy Snack” sponsorship of the LPGA and more. 

With a desire to further his experience, Stogel was ready for the next venture and to tackle a completely new industry. He was first introduced to the NYC construction world in 2013 by starting his new career at The BP Group, one of the largest HVAC mechanical contractors, maintenance, U.S. Chiller Services and IBT Controls companies in the Tri-State area. As the senior advisor for the firm, Stogel specializes in generating new leads and relationships to help grow the company’s business. By educating his clients on the services provided, Stogel significantly contributed to their 40-year legacy. After being at The BP Group for a little more than a year, Stogel was approached by Andrew Borek, owner and managing partner of AMAA, to head business development and marketing for their company. As The BP Group and AMAA are both established organizations in the construction industry and offer varying services, Stogel and the two firms decided that he could effectively and efficiently work at both organizations, as they pursue similar opportunities without direct competition, and would provide a mutual benefit; cross selling at its best! From his experiences with The BP Group, Stogel was able to transition to heading the business development department at AMAA, catering to global institutions and the largest landowners in New York City was a natural fit. 

Rendering of George Comfort & Son’s
135 West 50th Street in Manhattan

When Stogel officially joined AMAA in 2014, he hit the ground running and immediately began working to further develop the firm’s business and expand the firm’s list of clients. He was eager to introduce himself to all AMAA’s clientele and make connections with industry leaders he had met through his time at The BP Group. These efforts showed fast results and in less than a year the firm had significantly grown their ever-growing book of business. 

Stogel is continually cultivating strong relationships in the industry and has facilitated many bid opportunities with large institutions and clients who own and manage hundreds of millions of square feet locally and nationally. He has aided in the growth of AMAA’s project portfolio by building relationships with property managers, property owners, engineers, and architects in both the private and public sector. Additionally, he helped to expand the firm’s project types and services provided. Through Stogel’s efforts and the help of the AMAA team, the firm has provided, and is currently providing, services to some of the superstructures enhancing New York City’s skyline today. These projects include 135 West 50th St., 40 Tenth Ave.’s Solar Carve Tower, Aurora Capital’s 46-74 Gansevoort St., and 1 Vanderbilt Ave.

Stogel and the team at AMAA continue to elevate the standard for special inspections, material testing, and structural engineering through constant innovation, creativity, and communication. Stogel has shown commitment to every decision made for the company and in doing so has furthered the Alan Margolin & Associates almost 40-year legacy. Stogel remains dedicated to the success of AMAA and always puts an emphasis on how the firm can best serve its clients. 



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