Company of the Month: Skyline Builders Group expands its development and construction management arms reach

October 06, 2020 - Front Section
Nick Coady


Vincent Salvatorieillo


Greg Coady


New York, NY The New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ) sat down with Skyline Builders Group, this month’s Company of the Month, for a question and answer session. Skyline Builders Group is led by Nick Coady, chief executive officer; Vincent Salvatorieillo, chief operating officer; and Greg Coady, chief development officer.

NYREJ: Can you share a little about your firm and how it has evolved? 

Greg Coady: The merger between Strategix and Skyline has allowed for a principal to be involved in every project. Throughout the partnership we’ve become more efficient through the use of software and technology. This has allowed our company to increase our service offering and provide unparalleled service. We look forward to growth in our construction and development divisions by assisting our clients in optimizing their portfolios.

Greenwich Village Landmarks Restoration

NYREJ: Can you give a few examples of the types of projects that your firm is involved in?

Nick Coady: Exterior restoration and exterior envelope projects, construction management, development consulting and multifamily development. We work with building owners, property management firms, developers and engineers to execute a quality product professionally and effectively.

NYREJ: Key influences in your work today?

Nick Coady: We’ve understood early on, success hinged upon the people we work with. We’ve built our company’s success by empowering our employees and encouraging them to be innovative. I want my collaborators to bring innovative ideas to the table, to explore opportunities and select the ones that make business sense. I believe, by doing so, we’ll continue to see growth and enjoy record-setting years in the future.

NYREJ: Describe the philosophy behind your firm?

Salvatoriello: Exceeding client expectations on a daily basis and providing value add for every committed client dollar.

NYREJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Salvatoriello: I would use a combined 50 plus years of solid engineering, general construction, construction management industry experience with a focus on full service building envelope remediation work, building renovations and out of the ground building construction.

East Village Façade Inspection Safety Program

NYREJ: What makes your firm unique from other companies?

Salvatoriello: Partner involvement in every project, utilize PMO processes in the management of every project regardless of the size, partnering with our clients in providing full support with their programs, a partner commitment to technology and in class resources required in deliverables which continually exceed client expectations. 

NYREJ: What is it like working at your firm?

Salvatoriello: To sum it up “If you have a passion for what you do you will never work another day in your life.” 

NYREJ: What’s ahead for your firm?

Salvatoriello: Continued growth in both the development and construction divisions. Cultivating new clients where our expertise is construed as more of a partnership then contractor in managing their construction programs within their real estate portfolios. Continuing to be at the forefront with our technology platform thus allowing SBG to operate more efficiently while optimizing our resources thus bringing added value to our client base. Being the “Go To” for our clients with regards to the project and program management requirements.


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