KZA Realty Group brokers four deals totaling 16,350 s/f and $655,815

March 23, 2015 - Front Section

Kathy Zamechansky, KZA Realty Group, Inc.

Sherry Scanlon, KZA Realty Group

Gina Watson, KZA Realty Group

According to Kathy Zamechansky, president and owner of KZA Realty Group, Inc. (KZA), her firm brokered the following four commercial real estate deals for 16,350 s/f and $655,815:
* Zamechansky and associate broker, Sherry Scanlon, represented landlord, Anthony Gurino and The Universal Church, in the purchase of 7,500 s/f at 1227 Webster Ave. in the Bronx for a five-year lease at $145,860. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) is a Pentecostal Christian denomination with headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil with more than 12 million members worldwide.
* At 1401 Blondell Ave. in the Bronx, NY, Scanlon represented landlord, Rino Monteforte of Spectrum Painting, as well as new tenant, D.I.T.C. (an acronym for "Diggin' in the Crates") Entertainment, to secure a 5-year lease of 2,700 s/f for a total of $39,143. With this deal, D.I.T.C. will have a home for their newest recording studio, and a place where the entourage of musicians consisting of veteran MC's, DJs, and producers, all dedicated to the true essence of rap music: original lyrics and strong beat-savvy productions sampling dusty vinyl, can practice their craft.
* At the same Blondell Ave. address, Scanlon and Monteforte further inked a 5-year lease deal with NY Fire and Sprinkler Co., a company executing sprinkler installations in major residential and commercial buildings, for a total of 3,500 s/f at $101,295.
* According to Zamechansky, her newest associate, Gina Watson, has inked her very first deal for KZA Realty Group, totaling $369,515. Watson represented landlord Carnegie Hill North LLC and negotiated the two-suite, 5-year, 2,650 s/f lease for Metropolitan Public Strategies at 1677 Lexington Ave. in New York City. The two suites together on the second floor of the mixed-use building will be occupied by this strategic consulting and communications firm that utilizes research and analysis to implement effective media, grassroots, and grasstops campaigns for political, labor, non-profit and corporate organizations.
Scanlon commented, "All three of the tenants in the Bronx are excellent new additions to the neighborhood. We are proud to have them in the Bronx and look forward to ongoing business relationship with the landlords." Zamechansky further added, "The Bronx has a long-standing reputation for gentrification in many neighborhoods, and welcoming new businesses into the equation always plays a huge roll. As enterprise settles in, the community follows suit with support and welcomes new neighbors and patrons. We are excited to see these businesses grow and prosper in our own backyard. Furthermore, we are so proud of our own Gina Watson who has shown her potential and drive as a representative of KZA Realty Group. We know she will be a valued asset to our firm for years to come."
KZA Realty Group brokers four deals totaling 16,350 s/f and $655,815


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