The words of a leader: Guarino of Friedman-Roth

August 11, 2014 - Front Section

Eliezer Rodriguez, BMAR

By Eliezer Rodriguez
On September 2012, Richard Guarino, Friedman-Roth Realty Services LLC, was sworn in as the 56th president of the Bronx Manhattan North Association of Realtors (BMNAR). Unlike the previous presidents of the past 30 years, Guarino began his term without the benefit of an association executive officer. For the next three months, Guarino stepped in to provide more than leadership as his involvement was needed in the day-to-day operation of BMNAR. Fortunately for me, the selection committee moved swiftly to replace the retired executive and on January 1, 2013, I walked through the doors of the BMNAR's office to begin my first official day as the 16th association executive officer.
The first call I received on day one was from Guarino. He called to congratulate me on my first day and to wish me well. In between his words was a sense of relief that he now had someone with a managerial background to take over the day-to-day operation of BMNAR so he may now go back to leading the board. After all, managing the day-to-day operation of the association was not what Guarino signed up for. Guarino was very cognizant of the challenges I would be facing and offered to be there whenever I should need him. Since I did not receive a formal orientation, Guarino, along with other past presidents, were invaluable in helping to train the new executive officer. The New York State Association of Realtors also jumped in to help me work my way through the learning curve.
Guarino proved to be a man of his word. He was there whenever I needed him and when Guarino was elected to a second one-year term, no one was happier than I. Guarino is the first board president of the many I hope to work with while at BMNAR. During his presidency, Guarino has promoted: more recycling initiatives; greater emphasis to working with the local communities; offering more educational programs to our members; offering more networking opportunities and excitement to our planned annual events; and, recouping past members, retaining current members and recruiting new members.
The board of governors met for the last time before the summer break in June and Guarino presided over his last meeting as president. In September 2014, when the board next meets, Kathy Zamechansky, KZA Realty Group, Inc. will begin her term as the 57th president of BMNAR. Zamechansky is a neighbor and one heck of a community activist in the Bronx. I look forward to working with Zamechansky in spreading the BMNAR story even further throughout the borough. Zamechansky has strong ties to the elected officials in the Bronx and her leadership will strengthened lobby efforts.
I want to thank Guarino for all of his help, support and guidance. Guarino will be best remembered for leading BMNAR through some difficult internal changes and for helping to create the new BMNAR. His patience, personality, involvement and drive to succeed made him the right president for BMNAR's transition. Fortunately for me, Guarino made a pledge to me to stay active after his term expires. Last week, the Trade Show Committee met and Guarino has agreed to co-chair our 13th Annual Trade Show. He quickly got down to business and helped lay down the ground work that will prove to be another successful Trade Show. Once again, Guarino has proven to be a man of his word.
If you are interested in receiving more information about Trade Show, please call the BMNAR office at (718) 892-3000. It's not too early to reserve your spot. In fact, the earlier the better as your business will benefit from all of our early promotions.
Eliezer Rodriguez is the association executive of BMAR, Bronx, N.Y.


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