Executive of the Month: Milio, founder of Trion Real Estate Management: "Building" client relationships with a hands-on approach

June 09, 2014 - Front Section

Carmelo Milio, Trion Real Estate Management

Trion property under management at 753 St. Nicholas Avenue - New York, NY

Trion property under management at 6 E. Sidney Avenue - Mount Vernon, NY

Trion Real Estate Management's success was built on a "bricks-and-mortar" philosophy started by Carmelo Milio when he entered his family real estate business. Milio's hands-on approach to working with each of his clients is deeply rooted in a foundation based on work ethics, hands-on management and a sense of pride in each and every property under management.
"I enjoy working alongside our maintenance and accounting teams to ensure that all of our properties are managed most effectively and with the greatest degree of success. For over 35 years, our hands-on approach and overall cost-saving strategies regarding everything from minor maintenance issues to major capital improvements, stem from the years I spent performing maintenance tasks such as demolition, painting, light plumbing and electric. I am thankful and grateful to those who have allowed me to build knowledge through hands-on experience in the various areas of property management," said Milio.
Milio is the president and director of property management at Trion, a tri-state area leader in full-service property management, formerly called Milio Realty Corp. Trion is celebrating its 35th Anniversary with an overall company expansion and rebranding effort.
"The timing for our expansion and rebranding is perfect - this is our 35th anniversary year and an opportunity for us to emphasize our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with our clients," said Milio. "We're all very excited at Trion about this new chapter and the expansion of our company, which is no longer a 'small family business.' We now have a top-notch staff comprised of New York real estate professionals and Trion's portfolio now includes more than 1,500 co-op, condo and rental units throughout N.Y.C. and the tri-state area."
Milio reports that all of Trion's managers, who are each required to personally visit properties at least twice per week, have been educated, both in the field and within Trion's intensive on-site training program. Trion's managers hold special designations including Accredited Residential Manager and Certified Property Manager from the Institute of Real Estate Management.
Trion's portfolio has increased 50% since 2008, rising above the economic challenges of the recession era. Milio said that he was able to achieve this "throughout these six years by implementing ways to decrease expenses and to increase revenue at various types of properties. In several cases, we were able to turn around buildings that were facing catastrophic financial and physical ramifications from mismanagement."
Milio created Trion's tagline: "Trusted. Responsive. Invested. Always ON-Call to emphasize the company's focus on client partnerships and hands-on customer service."
"For 35 years, we've guaranteed our clients and residents complete peace of mind through superior customer service and communications efforts - and our goal is to go above and beyond what we've accomplished already. All of our clients are guaranteed to receive the greatest savings and the most efficient services possible via our up-to-date, cutting-edge technology combined with the hands-on expertise of multiple generations of real estate professionals," Milio said.
Milio reports that the key to effective property management is Trion's tried-and-true strategy of "hitting the ground running on day one" of the management transition process.
Milio said, "Over the years we've had many success stories and we realized that they are due, in part, to the policies and strategies that we implement to increase the NOI of each building we take on. Therefore, we decided to roll out a unique offer - one that was never before advertised by any other management company to date. Trion offers a guarantee that if we do not lower your expenses within the first three months of management, we will refund all management fees paid and allow for a termination of contract. To date, we have never had to refund any fees and we continue to offer a guarantee to all of our new clients."
Milio said, "Our guarantee is our way of showing that we are invested with you and that we stand behind our core strategies."
While leading Trion to its increased portfolio and position within the real estate industry, Milio has earned himself a number of prestigious positions among the top real estate trade organizations. Milio holds the industry's highest designations of Certified Property Manager (CPM) from the Institute of Real Estate Management of New York City and continues to participate as a board of trustee member of the Building & Realtors Institute (BRI) and the chair of the Apartment Owners Advisory Council of Westchester and The Mid-Hudson Region (AOAC). He is a recognized leader in property management and an advocate on behalf of landlords and boards throughout N.Y. and CT. And, he has been credited as being instrumental in driving efforts to improve industry standards, professionalism and technology, among a variety of other services offered to residential properties and homeowners. He also speaks annually on behalf of landlords as the industry spokesperson to the Rent Guidelines Board for stabilized buildings in Westchester County.
"Trion continues to grow thanks to the retention of our current clients and our strong reputation in the real estate industry. We've created a portfolio through recommendations and by building trust and long lasting relationships with all of our clients," said Milio.
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