Kathy Zamechansky, KZA Realty Group, Inc.

December 23, 2013 - Spotlights

Kathy Zamechansky, KZA Realty Group, Inc.

What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2013?
2013 was very exciting for my company, KZA Realty Group, Inc. As president of a small boutique, commercial real estate firm, I am always striving to attract skilled and talented professionals to my team. My greatest professional accomplishment this year was forming a great team that can provide our clients with professionals with diverse skills that compliment each other and provide our clients with an extremely knowledgeable team.
I am also pleased that Sherry Scanlon, Dan McVeigh and Tina Stow have joined our team and that Gina Watson, my assistant, has moved forward and is now a Salesperson.
What was your most notable project, deal or transaction in 2013?
My most notable is not one single deal but every deal that my team and I have completed. Each deal is its own accomplishment and represents the bettering of the communities we work with. We are always trying to work with businesses that will bring crucial services to a community where it may be lacking. This year, for example, we worked closely with medical facilities that provide mental health care and services. We also worked with early childhood education companies, charter schools and affordable housing developers. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent services to our clients in 2014.


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