Bright 'n Green mixed-use project implements multifaceted clean air systems

October 28, 2013 - Green Buildings

Bright 'n Clean, 67 Brighton First Lane - Brooklyn, NY

Beyond Bright 'n Green's net zero energy saving design and other progressive features, such as water and waste recycling systems, the mixed-use project at 67 Brighton First Ln. will be home to some of the cleanest air in N.Y.C. Already fully enclosed with super-insulated wall systems and triple-paned windows, and fabricated with no toxic materials, the Living Building Challenge candidate features an air-purification system developed by Advantix.
Utilizing 150 ft. of 10-inch Geotube under the building to pre-cool air in summer or preheat it in the winter, air is then supplied to the Advantix Liquid Dessicant Unit that simultaneously scrubs and dehumidifies air prior to delivery of it to each apartment.
Once dehumidified, air undergoes ionization, a process during which negative ions are released into the building's fresh air supply to latch onto pollen, dust and other pollutants not caught in the initial scrubbing phase by the dessicant unit. As a result, ionized particles are larger and therefore easier to trap by MERV-10 filters inside the Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), developed by UltimateAir. Located in the mechanical closet of each apartment, they eliminate dust and effectuate superior respiratory conditions. Each ERV affords residents their own controls for adjustable air-flow rates, with normal, vacation and party mode settings and remote smartphone monitoring.
Bright 'n Green's air-tightness achieves a thermal resistance level of R70, exceeding the current R30 industry baseline. Adding to its efficiency, the floor systems, developed by Earthbilt, are composed of reclaimed wood and have been placed on top of sound-deadening systems made from recycled rubber tires, alleviating both air and noise pollution.
Bright 'n Green has earned EPA and OER certifications in its preliminary design and construction stages and has received the Green Site Award from the mayor's office of environmental remediation.
Once completed, the project will qualify for an EPA Air Sense Certification, Energy Star, LEED Platinum, FIT NYC Healthy Living Certification, Green Globes Certification, EPA WaterSense Certification, NAHB Emerald Status, NYSERDA Low Energy Multifamily Certification, N.Y.C. Brownfield Partnership Green, and Living Building Challenge Certification. In addition, it is a candidate for both European and American Passive House certifications.
With its completion anticipated before the end of the year, Bright 'n Green is destined to become a paradigm for achievable sustainable development in the city.


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