JASB Management launches new organizational development program

December 11, 2012 - Long Island

Jerry Siegel, JASB Management

JASB Management, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in integrated leadership and organizational development, revealed recently that it will be offering a new program effective January 2013. The program, entitled "Improving Organizational Results," is designed to help business executives and their team members identify barriers to achieving results, learn about the relationship between performance and results, and become skilled at identifying, setting and achieving their most important goals. According to JASB president Jerry Siegel, this latest program follows the format of the firm's other successful programs in that it combines raising awareness with developing skills, creating action plans to achieve specific goals, and continually benchmarking results.
The new program's content consists of six specific modules, including: "Organizational Achievement Factors," "Improving Organizational Results," "Implementing Your Goals Process," "Identifying Your Most Important Goals," "Developing Your Action Plan," and "Ensuring Greater Success." The "Action Plan" component of the program leads the participants through a process which begins with a pyramid representation of the organization's goals and goals cycle. Next, the participants establish the organization's current status through the implementation of a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis and related worksheets, along with a review of the organization's core values and principles and assessments of its performance and culture. The next step is to determine where the organization wants to go as indicated by its vision and mission, dream list, future description and goals-long and short-term as well as most important goals. From there, the focus is on how to set specific goals, use affirmations and visualization to achieve those goals, and then track progress and results using tools such as self-evaluation checklists, score-keeping worksheets, scorecards, etc.
"Our new program provides organizations with a solid foundation for raising overall performance and achieving the desired results on a consistent basis," said Siegel. "It's a process that can be practiced on an enterprise-wide basis for results at both the individual and organizational levels."


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