Cabot Group unveils municipal facilities management initiative

June 25, 2012 - Upstate New York
The Cabot Group recently unveiled a municipal facilities management initiative allowing village, town, and city municipalities to reduce labor and operational expenditures by an estimated 30-40% by employing strategies and best practices proven to increase efficiency and reduce costs and municipal resources.
"It is more important than ever to deliver the highest level of value to our community. We are confident that we can deliver significant results for municipal projects and management of any size or nature" says Bruce Hunt, VP of Facilities Management for THE CABOT GROUP. He continues, "With the current budgetary demands facing cities and towns, we feel it is time to deploy these resources to the community."

Though new to Upstate, NY, this model has proven to be a success in other areas of the country. Raleigh North Carolina has outsourced facilities management functions for the last 12 years. The city began with their parks & recreation facilities, transitioning more each off-season and now, the model has been adopted for all facilities; administrative buildings, sports facilities, parks, even school districts. It has been estimated that this decision has saved the community tens of millions of dollars and has allowed the city to adopt new projects and programs. THE CABOT GROUP hopes to offer similar success to our region.


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