Why having Architecture Studio on your team from the start will help you with project delivery

October 08, 2010 - Spotlights

William Gati, Architecture Studio

We are smart! We went to school, took extremely difficult tests, mastered codes, building types and construction techniques. You can talk to us about anything related to real estate investment: site acquisition, construction costs and code compliance to name a few. We make a living by giving you the best and most accurate advice possible. So, having an intelligent voice on your team will be beneficial.
We are creative! We can solve problems in unique and unusual ways. We went to school to learn how to solve problems. We can solve complex layout, circulation, structural, cost and site problems before they become serious and cost you money. We can help you through conflicts with sellers and contractors by giving you a unique perspective. We can also design a building that will look great, feel comfortable and attract top paying tenants or buyers. So, having a creative problem solver on your team can come in handy.
We save you time! With state of the art programs like REVIT, we can design a building quickly and efficiently so you can see what you are getting from the start. We even have cost analysis software that will tell you if the project is financially feasible. We are trained to interpret zoning and code regulations quickly and efficiently to save you a trip down to County Hall. We work closely with expeditors who can get the paperwork through the Building Departments quickly and accurately. So, having a time saver on your team will give you more time to do what you enjoy most.
We save you money! We usually charge a small percentage of the construction cost but almost always save that amount and then some in the design and construction process. I met with a client recently who wanted to knock down walls and build unnecessary things but after I put aside his ideas and shared my professional opinion, I was able to save him enough money to pay my architectural fees ten times over! Since the cost of construction and vacancy costs are so high, using an architect to keep change-orders to a minimum and to prepare renderings for marketing purposes can be very useful. So, having a frugal professional on your team will certainly make you happy!
We aim to please! Our next check is always dependent on whether the client is satisfied. We are people pleasers by heart. We are constantly trying to figure out what will make you happy. We are not mind readers yet, so you will have to tell us clearly and concisely what it is that you want. So, having someone on your team that wants to make you happy will make you glad.
We know people who can help you! We know Building Department Officials, contractors and interior decorators. We also know development sites and owners who are looking to sell properties. We are also in touch with banks and lending institutions that can help finance the project. We are aware of incentives and government programs to make financing and tax abatements possible. We know where to turn for quick answers. So, having a well connected individual on your team can help move the project along quickly and cost effectively.
We are great communicators! We return phone calls and correspondences. We have great communication skills and can express difficult concepts easily with words and drawings. We have skills in 3D modeling to produce life-like images of what your project will look like once it is built. So, having someone with whom you can discuss your project clearly and easily will be stress free.
We are master builders! We have built many structures before and have learned design and construction techniques to help in the development process. We have been to many construction sites and seen the right way of doing things and can advise you of what to do. We are your eyes and ears throughout the entire process. We have earned the respect and admiration of owners and contractors for helping them solve problems and making the construction process better. So, having a trained set of eyes and ears during the design and construction process will give you peace of mind.

William Gati, RA, AIA is the president of Architecture Studio, Queens, N.Y.
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