2023 Women in Construction: Gabrielle Marino, SWBR

March 28, 2023 - Spotlights
Gabrielle Marino 
Project Designer

In the past year, what project or accomplishment are you most proud of? Last year I had my most challenging project finally complete construction. There were material and labor shortages throughout all of construction along with unknown site conditions that caused the whole building to shift. I learned a lot from this project and I’m proud to be a major part of it. Even though it was tough, the whole team was able to work together and deliver a beautiful building. 

Which professional associations or organizations would you recommend to women who are starting out in the AEC industry? Mentoring for ACE the last few years has been such an educational and rewarding experience and I would recommend any woman starting in the AEC industry to join. You’re helping high school students figure out if they want to go into architecture, engineering or construction and also learning more about the industry yourself. I’ve learned so much from the other designers, engineers, and contractors I mentor with and from the different presentations and hands on activities every week. Not only are you mentoring and learning, but you’re also making connections with people you normally don’t get the chance to. 

What was a pivotal point in your career? Going out to construction sites regularly and being the point person to answer questions from the contractors was a turning point in my career. I learned so much more from going out to the site and seeing the details I drew being implemented into the project or not being able to be. After discussing with the contractors and fully understanding why something doesn’t work and how it should change, for me, was more tangible than a redline on a drawing

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