2020 Ones to Watch: Jamie Bucci, SWBR

February 18, 2020 - Spotlights

Name: Jamie Bucci

Company: SWBR 

Title: Project Architect, Associate

Education: Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology (Alfred State)

Which project, deal, or transaction was the “game-changer” in the advancement of your career?
The Reconstruction of John Walton Spencer School #16 was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects that I’ve ever worked on. The design and construction schedules were compressed. We worked with contractors and consultants to transform a 100-year-old, vacant school building into a beautifully restored and modernized building in the 19th ward community. This project went on to win both The Flower City Award (CSI) and The Mayor’s Award (AIA).

What do you like most about your job?
I like being able to solve a problem for an owner or client. As an architect, I can work with an owner to get to the root of their problem, and design a space, building or area that solves their problem. I enjoy working specifically on education projects (K-12). It’s a great feeling when you’re able to see students, teachers and parents enjoy a space that you created–it gives the design depth and meaning. It’s a very rewarding profession. 

What can our political leaders do to increase equality in the workplace?
It’s important for leadership to truly understand the many facets of the construction industry. I think once it is understood that people can make a career out of being an architect or engineer, but also make a successful career out of being a mason or plumber, or managing construction projects; then opportunities to increase equality in the workplace will become apparent.

How do you contribute to your community or your profession?
In years past, I have formally mentored high school students by volunteering for the ACE Mentor Program. It is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on introducing students to the architecture, construction and engineering fields. I currently volunteer for, and participate in events organized by AIA, United Way, and the American Heart Association.

What led you to your current profession?
I always had an eye for detail and gravitated towards anything that allowed me to be creative. I took a lot of formal art classes, as well as computer graphics classes. Over the years, I realized that being an architect means I have an opportunity to combine many of the things that interest me: Creativity, art, details, problem solving and construction (and a little bit of math…)

Who or what inspires you?
My children. Our daughters are the embodiment of creativity and imagination. They’re smart, beautiful, loving and compassionate little girls. Every day with them is a new adventure–they motivate me to be creative, and to seriously consider how children will interact with buildings and spaces I design. They remind me of the very values and morals that my wife and I are raising them on; being truthful and honest, and how important it is to be yourself.

If your life were made into a movie, what actor would you want to portray you?
Jim Carey. He is a well-rounded actor and is likely known for comedic performances. However, he’s very capable of portraying solemn characters or acting in dramatic roles, and there is tremendous depth to his creativity.

What social media platform do you use the most professionally?
I typically use Linkedin for posting content related to my profession. Every now and then I will post something on my instagram or facebook stories as well!



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