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July 21, 2020 - Spotlights

In 1985, Bargold began as a small self-storage operation with one facility in Queens. It expanded to nine facilities with over 16,000 storage units in just a few years as the need for storage grew. Through years of experience operating standard off-site self-storage facilities, it quickly became clear that there was an unfulfilled demand in the market–New Yorkers were in desperate need of onsite storage. That was when Bargold adjusted its business model to establish a better, more convenient storage product that would help make people’s lives easier. It became their mission to satisfy the need for self-storage in every building that had available basement areas, no matter how cluttered or unkempt. Since then, they have committed themselves to providing a valuable amenity that benefits both building owners and residents. Over the years, they have perfected their craft. With Bargold Storage systems, your building will receive a monthly income and your residents will benefit from a clean, secure storage space for a fraction of the price of off-site storage. 

Here’s how it works: 
Bargold custom-installs fully enclosed steel storage units right in your building or complex. The team transforms your under-utilized space into an onsite, revenue-producing storage facility for your residents. In addition to installation, they take care of maintenance, billing, and storage unit marketing to residents, and pay the building a 25% commission on each unit’s monthly rental income. They also handle all cleaning, painting, patching, and lighting at no cost to the building. Bargold’s goal is to provide residents with a truly valuable amenity and help building owners make extra revenue in the process. 

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