2019 Ones to Watch: Justin Quinn, Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

November 05, 2019 - Spotlights

Name: Justin Quinn

Title: Partner – Real Estate 

Company Name: Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

What advice can you offer someone who is just getting started in your industry?
What you lack in experience when just getting started, you can more than make up for by bringing a working enthusiasm to the task at hand. As a young attorney, getting a broad exposure is key to establishing a foundation for future success. That means working with as many people as possible, and that tends to come with being eager for the next assignment. While poring through an endless pile of documents can be tedious, synthesizing that material into a usable point of reference can be invaluable to both the client as well as the development of your craft. 

What was your favorite thing to do when you were a kid?
Growing up, I always enjoyed spending time with friends. Whether playing sports or exploring different neighborhoods by bike, I always appreciated the group dynamic. That appreciation has carried through into my career and has helped me to become the attorney I am today. Being able to work as part of a team has been critical to my development and has often led to late nights working on a project being enjoyable. 

Who or what do you attribute to your success?
Working with Jay Neveloff, real estate practice chair, has shown me what it means to be a successful attorney, and working with the other folks here at Kramer Levin has enhanced my ability to succeed. Our clients come to us for both our expertise as well as our practicality. Identifying an issue is important, but being able to then talk those issues through with experienced attorneys throughout the firm’s practice areas has allowed me to bring a perspective to problem-solving that I consider invaluable. 

What do you consider to be your greatest success within the past 12 months?
My greatest professional successes come from the success of my clients. That often means finding a creative solution to a problem that seems intractable, leaving parties on both sides of the table comfortable. When a transaction closes and the counterparty tells my client that they are happy with the result, regardless of how big or small that deal may have been, I feel like I have succeeded in doing my job.



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