2018 Women in Real Estate and Construction Services: Sue Boyle, GEI Consultants, Inc.

March 20, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Sue Boyle

Title: Senior Consultant

Company Name: GEI Consultants, Inc. 

Years in your current field: 35

What professional organizations or associations are you a member of? Society of Women Environmental Professionals, NAIOP, BCONE, NYC Brownfield Partnership, Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association, NJ Builders Association

What trends are you seeing so far this year in your field? 

I’m seeing a growth in active participation in professional organizations and associations with which I am affiliated. I manage the Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE); NYC Brownfield Partnership; and the NJ Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association (LSRPA). All have seen a surge in members volunteering for projects. For the Brownfield organizations, there is real concern about the health of the federal brownfield funding programs and some state funding programs. I see professionals turning to one another in organizations to gain information on other sources of funding and best practices, creating collaborative opportunities, and creating the resource tools so they can move projects forward. With the LSRPA, we just completed our inaugural NJ Site Remediation Conference, attended by 450+ people—we had projected 200! The energy in the rooms and the networking was amazing. The volunteers and staff who worked on the conference dis a fantastic job. And, I’m seeing collaboration among organizations holding joint activities and exposing their membership to collaborators from affiliated but not identical professions.

When I am not working I am…

Spending February seeing every movie nominated in every category for an Academy Award this year. A great way to see movies that might not have caught my eye but have something to offer. Great way to discover new talent, learn about new topics in compact presentations.


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