2018 Women in Real Estate and Construction Services: Neda Levy, Douglaston Development LLC

March 20, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Neda Levy

Title: Chief Administrative Officer

Company Name: Douglaston Development LLC

Years in your current field: 15

What professional organizations or associations are you a member of? Women in Housing and Finance New York City Bar Association, Association of Legal Administrators

What was your greatest professional accomplishment in 2017? 

In 2017, Jeff Levine, Douglaston Development’s Chairman, charged me with leading the refresh of the Douglaston Development brand through its digital and related marketing collateral as well as working on the consolidation of the Douglaston Development offices into one main headquarters now located at 7 Penn Plaza. 

What was your most notable project 2017? Overseeing and managing the consolidation of our two offices was quite memorable, not only because of its complexity but also because of the resulting positive outcomes. With our new spacious and light-filled office at 7 Penn Plaza, we consolidated all departments within Douglaston Development. This move facilitated improved collaboration, cross-departmental communication, and best of all, further strengthened our teamwork. 

If you have had a mentor in your career, who was it and what did they teach you? 

I’ve been fortunate enough to have several mentors and colleagues whose feedback and input I continue to value. The two mentors who have had the most impact on me would be Joan Russo, a seasoned executive and also an attorney in the healthcare industry, and Jeff Ingber, an accomplished attorney and author. I met Joan in 2004 when I was elected as a director on my co-op board and she was (and continues to be) the President of the Board. She has taught me to be strong yet flexible and strategic in my career. Jeff Ingber has been instrumental in my deciding to become an attorney and navigating a career path as a business executive and leader while leveraging my legal experience and knowledge. 

What trends are you seeing so far this year in your field? 

Technology is foraying its way into the traditional business of real estate as well as the legal field. The challenge is figuring out how to leverage appropriate technology tools to maximize output, strengthen existing operations (and position assets), and most importantly, safeguarding it from hackers while incorporating it into the corporate work culture. 

When I am not working I am….

With my family and friends, meditating, reading or enjoying a challenging class at Equinox.


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