2018 Women In Real Estate, Professional Services: Christine Cosentino, Cosentino Realty & Development

September 18, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Christine Cosentino

Title: CFO

Company Name: Cosentino Realty & Development

Real estate association / organization affiliation(s): LIREG-W, ICSC, Henry Viscardi Advisory Council, Huntingotn Chamber of Commerce

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in the last 12 months?

I completed the Advanced Real Estate Finance and Development Professional Certification Program at MIT, a highly competitive program in which I was 1 of 4 women in the U.S. to earn a certification. I was heavily involved with the negotiation, budgeting and building of the first HomeSense in New York, TJX’s newest concept and our newest tenant. I also took lead on the diversification of our portfolio into mixed-use assets, in July we acquired 425 New York Ave., which is home to 10 residential units and the co-working space, Huntington Professional Suites. 

How important is it for women to create a personal brand?

I think in the age of social media being so prevalent and heavily relied upon for marketing, it is extremely important. One of the drawbacks is its very time consuming, but being in a field where people are constantly interested in knowing about what’s in your pipeline, it important you represent yourself and your company well. Here’s how I see it–there’s no drawback to having a strong online presence and you get to showcase your skills and achievements. 

What blogs, resources, podcasts or influencers have helped you?

I read The Real Deal religiously, I find it keeps me up to date on all things real estate. I always find that something I read is relevant in conversation among my colleagues, as well as, the NYREJ! The “5AM Club” is a great way to start my day, it’s a dial-in conference call held every morning for about five minutes with entrepreneurs and high achievers. LIREG-W has been such a beneficial networking group because the women are so supportive, as a group were not only colleagues but friends as well. Attending ICSC in several states has been so influential, I’ve met, listened and garnered advice from developers in several markets. My Dad is my biggest support and Scott Rechler is a mentor to me. 

How many messages are in your inbox right now and how do you manage email?

1,500 messages, the goal is to always achieve a zero inbox but that never happens for me. It’s definitely overwhelming at times looking at a cluttered inbox. One thing I always do is star very important emails, this way when I scroll through my inbox I know immediately what I have to work on. Organization is key, I try to label and categorize as many emails as possible. Its always that one email that you think you don’t need- but you do!

What do you do like to do for fun? 

Horseback riding, yoga, gym, hiking with my dogs, playing sports, anything that involves being outside and relaxing with my girlfriends! I really enjoy spending time out east. I also enjoy checking out new cities and their markets….. my mind is always thinking of where to grow our company next.. its not work if you consider it fun!!

In one word, describe yourself: 




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