2018 Women In Real Estate, Professional Services: Camille Renshaw, B+E 

September 18, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: Camille Renshaw

Title: CEO

Company Name: B+E 

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in the last 12 months?

It’s been a great, packed year. After our launch in New York last December, we opened a second office in Tampa and a third in San Francisco and brought on some great talent. We launched our trading platform, offering the first end-to-end solution for buyers and sellers to conduct entire NNN transactions online. We also announced an exclusive partnership with Inland Real Estate and RCX Capital Group. Leveraging AI, our brokers can now sweep the national NNN market, reviewing all on-market properties, and criteria match on a 1031 exchanger’s behalf; the exchanger can then run their entire exchange through our platform using specialized dashboards that makes the process simpler and more transparent. This makes us an ideal partner for the RCX’s new DST trading platform. Together we are a full service solution for 1031 exchange needs.

What blogs, resources, podcasts or influencers have helped you?

I love Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman. I’m a total addict to that podcast. I also really like The Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast from the Wall Street Journal. A core belief of mine is that we are often asking the wrong question. These shows especially help me uncover new questions to ask.

How important is it for women to create a personal brand?

A personal brand is important, but what drives it is story. The writer Amy Hempel taught me the importance of telling a story–concisely leading your audience through a narrative rather than just statements. With most people you have three minutes to show a spark.

I like to tell personal stories when I’m speaking to groups or with reporters–backpacking with bears, or meeting someone famous, or lessons from wine tasting. At B+E’s weekly all-hands calls, I tell a personal anecdote or story most of the time because people remember those more than bare fact.

How many messages are in your inbox right now and how do you manage email?

I have 17 unread emails at the moment and 94 in my inbox. I consciously use my inbox like a to-do list–and right now we are scaling fast and there’s a ton to do! 

What do you do for fun?

I like to run, backcountry hike, discover new natural wines to drink, and cook. A couple of times a year we have a small dinner party of 8 or 10 people over, and I cook a 12-course tasting menu, usually foods from the Delta where I grew up. We eat for six hours or so, drink wine, and tell our stories.

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