2018 Ones to Watch: RoseElla Frankiewich, Senior Vice President, Servicing Operations at Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. - Depew Office

May 15, 2018 - Spotlights

Name: RoseElla Frankiewich

Title: Senior Vice President, Servicing Operations

Company: Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. - Depew Office

Address: 3370 Walden Avenue, Suite 114, Depew, NY 14043

Year that you entered your current field? 1988

Who or what do you attribute to your success? 

Faith, both organic and spiritual. I would not have achieved any of my career goals if not for the faith entrusted in me by several mentors throughout my profession. Their belief and support in and of me has awarded me tremendous opportunities. In addition, essential to the framework of both my personal and professional life is my spiritual faith. It is the force that keeps me grounded, humbled and incentivized. Spiritual faith is the foundation over which my entire life is constructed, one brick at a time. 

How do you motivate or inspire your colleagues?

Two quotes by H. Jackson Brown that inspire me and that I, by example, impart to my colleagues are: “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” and “Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.” We are fortunate to work for a company that inspires us on a daily basis. Our chairman is a remarkable visionary. Even in a challenging economy, Arbor’s strong leadership explores opportunities to weather the storm and emerge stronger on the other side. The opportunities and challenges faced daily inspire me to do my best and provide me satisfaction and accomplishment. 

How do you contribute to the future of your industry? 

I have been in the mortgage servicing industry for 30 years and more than 20 have been in a supervisory or managerial position. A responsibility of this role is identifying and hiring bright, motivated individuals and mentoring them throughout their career paths. This requires nurturing their talent and providing them the necessary tools, resources and best practices that will enable them to prosper. Nothing gives me more pleasure and satisfaction then following the successes of these individuals. Paving the way for future industry leaders is the most gratifying way for me to contribute to the future of the industry. 

How do you manage the work/life balance?

It is definitely a challenge for which there is no perfect formula. For me, it’s a matter of setting priorities and managing expectations. My primary priority is providing for my family and spending quality time with them. However, I also love my career. My work is engaging and provides personal and professional satisfaction. A definition of balance is ‘stability produced by equal distribution on each side’. On any given day, a good balance of work and life offers stability and fulfillment for me. 



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