2017 Women in Building Services: Nancy Colella, NYS Sustainable Corp.

October 17, 2017 - Spotlights

Name: Nancy Colella 

Title: Principal 

Company Name: NYS Sustainable Corp. 

Years in real estate: 10+

What real estate associations or organizations are you a member of? NAWIC, LICN, BOMA, LIMBA, CAI LI Chapter, LIREG, CIBS of LI, IREM, USGBLI, USGBLI

How have you navigated obstacles to achieve success in your career?

Navigating obstacles in my professional life was very apparent and a highly complicated process during the earlier timeline of my career. One would say that the typical political, social acceptance and glass ceiling matters were their ailments–not in my case. As an attractive minority female with a strong aptitude and more confidence and pride to choke a horse - it was these qualities that I truly created complicated obstacles. To that end, I always complement the woman who held true with a feminine outlook, yet personified her smarts and fortitude to stand by her professional convictions. In order to fit in I would monitor my professional environment prior to engaging. 

Today, only top level engagement will do–a persevering woman with the brains and feminine spark with the critical tenacity so critical to me as a professional. Today, I don’t identify with such obstacles whether from a cultural or personal perspective–just not interested, to be perfectly frank. My only conviction is to take a stance of empowerment by supporting and offering my talents with every inch of vigor in every capacity, as a professional woman business owner of today’s day.

How do you play your strengths to your advantage in your career?

As a creative professional, my degree of out of the box thinking was a great advantage in much of my professional career. Having the ability to resolve, solve or identify methods to repositioning an outcome towards success has not only benefited my previous employers, but has afforded me the resourcefulness to offset and reconfigure a palatable goal. Having this type of mindset, with the embedded ideal to never give up I have passionately conjuring a plan or strategy to cultivate positive change. I have to admit these attributes have molded me on multiple levels as a woman, professional business owners and person with each passing day.

What trends are you seeing so far this year? 

Trends within sustainability and real estate are now becoming partners, as both take a seat at the table to open the dialogue and begin discussions. Sustainability is not just a matter of doing good for the environment anymore, but has essentially begun integrating as the smart choice and a must choice, as it relates to smart business practices. Sustainability programs are effectively supporting the real estate community from a financial, economical, social and environmental responsibility standpoint. Today, executed retrofits, energy conservation measures and engineered property assessments as the main intelligence drivers to future sustainability engagement measures taking the front seat. 

The sustainability model within commercial real estate is on the rise as a fundamental practice towards smart alternative re-positioning. Trends come and go, but such practices of sustainable measures will cornerstone the industry with positive impact and forgo a trend, but become an evolution of common practice.

What do you do for fun?

Fun, wow that is a great question. My idea of doing something fun is entertaining, laughing, listening to great music with a great bottle of Moscato and talking with my family about the silly youthful stories we all shared in. Certainly, my friends, which are from all walks of life - along with my professional/personal friends are truly a great source of joy for me. They aspire while inspiring me. But my greatest level of fun is to go for a fortifying run with my daughter or my two bulldogs ‘the Ralphy’ and ‘Baby Bruno’. Which, by the way, there is nothing more fun for me, than watching my Baby Bruno (@ a slim 60 lbs.) stampede past my little one and her just fall on the floor laughing til it hurts, as Bruno slobbers her in his perpetual love drawn jowl kisses. Yes, I am a Bad Mom, but just like the movie it’s awesome.



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