2017 Women in Building Services: Lisa Mulligan, Town of Brookhaven and Town of Brookhaven IDA and LDC

October 17, 2017 - Spotlights

Name: Lisa Mulligan

Title: Town of Brookhaven Director of Economic Development & CEO of the Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency and Brookhaven Local Development Corp.

Company Name: Town of Brookhaven and Town of Brookhaven IDA and LDC 

Years in real estate: 8

What real estate associations or organizations are you a member of? Long Island Business Development Council, Long Island Builders Institute, NYS Economic Development Council, CIBS, Brookhaven Business Advisory Council 

How have you navigated obstacles to achieve success in your career?

I try to look at the small pieces rather than trying to tackle the entire obstacle. I find that I am able to tackle anything with a “one step at a time” approach. 

How do you play your strengths to your advantage in your career?

I try to surround myself with people who have strengths that differ from mine. I know that I cannot do everything, so I look for partners to work with me. I have also found that it is best to be true to myself and to know my limitations.

What trends are you seeing so far this year? 

The Brookhaven IDA is very busy. Our work is a marathon–not a sprint, so the ground work we lay now will prove fruitful in the years to come. Businesses are growing–expanding and hiring–and we are available to assist them as they grow. Some projects we are currently working on include WHTB Glass, a Chinese glass manufacturer opening their first US operation in Brookhaven Town; Meadows at Yaphank/AVR Mixed Use Development, a live, work, play community being developed in Yaphank; and Blue Point Brewery/Anheuser Busch, a redevelopment of a former lace mill that will continue the resurgence of the Patchogue Village downtown.

What do you do for fun? 

I spend time with my husband and children. We spend a lot of time on our boat, swimming and fishing for snapper.



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