2017 Women in Building Services: Ksenia Tretiakova, Leslie E. Robertson Associates

October 17, 2017 - Spotlights

Name: Ksenia Tretiakova

Title: Senior Design Engineer

Company Name: Leslie E. Robertson Associates

Years in real estate: 4.5

What real estate associations or organizations are you a member of? PWC, SEAoNY, APTNE, General Society for Mechanics and Tradesmen, NAWIC

How have you navigated obstacles to achieve success in your career?

I’ve navigated through obstacles in my career in two ways—determination and self-reflection. I think it’s important to maintain a positive and forward-looking attitude, especially when dealing with obstacles, and to apply a healthy dose of self-examination—“How would I handle this better in the future?” “What resources could I have used?” etc. Getting involved in programs like the Emerging Leaders campaign with the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation has helped me grow as an engineer and as an obstacle-jumping leader. 

How do you play your strengths to your advantage in your career?

My strengths center on my passion for my work and my inability to mince words. I am very lucky to have a challenging, diverse, and positive work environment. My coworkers at LERA encourage me to play to my strengths and speak my mind, so I’ve discovered that many clients and peers appreciate a frank and confident approach, as well as a sense of humor. It has also been so important to be able to connect to my cohorts on a personal level, which I think goes hand-in-hand with humor and honesty.

What trends are you seeing so far this year?

Well, with the wild weather upon us, there seems to be a greater focus on how owners and designers have had to adjust their approach and designs in response to the increasingly volatile natural disasters we face, especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. At LERA, I’ve worked on quite a few healthcare projects where flood-proofing and other resiliency measures have taken the spotlight, especially at the lower levels. With the advent of Hurricane Irma, I’m sure we will see further developments in building code requirements centered on natural disasters.

What do you do for fun?

Anything that keeps my hands or legs busy—sketching, dancing, running, painting, hiking, and occasionally baking.



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