Reducing the price of water rates - by David Schwartz

September 22, 2015 - Green Buildings
David Schwartz, The Water Scrooge David Schwartz, The Water Scrooge

If you are a property owner or manager who is deeply concerned about the cost of high water usage, you are not alone. And the news is not encouraging: the DEP increased the rate for water and sewer charges 2.97% starting July 1st.

But now, you can dramatically reduce this expense using patented technology and methodology developed by The Water Scrooge. As opposed to low-flow shower heads that tenants can remove, our patented Shower Regulator installs behind the shower wall, invisible and tamper-proof. Tenants experience consistent water pressure and comfortable flow, while landlords see reduced water and energy bills.

In addition to the patented Shower Regulator, The Water Scrooge also provides tamper-proof devices for kitchen and bathroom sinks. We also offer a professional water leak and waste survey to identify inefficient fixtures and water leaks that might otherwise go undetected or unreported. The survey consists of a thorough visual inspection and thermal imaging technology that enables inspectors to locate hidden problems behind walls.

And there is more. Are your toilets using 1.6 GPF? How can you know? CEO David Schwartz has announced a new combination of patented flow measuring tools and flow adjustment devices that can make your toilets compliant, and you pocket the savings.

The savings potential for buildings is tremendous. In addition to reducing the amount of water used, since energy is required to produce hot water, lowering water consumption will also reduce energy costs. Typically, hot water accounts for 65% of residential water usage, so energy savings can be substantial. A 100-unit building can expect to save at least $52,300 per year in combined water and energy savings from the installation of these devices. Older buildings may profit from savings as much as two to three times higher. Fixing the leaks and faulty fixtures that are identified during a survey increases the overall savings even more.

David Schwartz is the inventor of The Water Scrooge and CEO of DS Magic Tech, LLC, Lynbrook, N.Y.



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