Outside the Region: RealtyeVest launches Marketplace platform; streamlines raising capital

November 21, 2017 - Front Section

Jacksonville, FL In a move to streamline the process of raising commercial real estate capital, RealtyeVest has launched its Marketplace platform, leveraging crowdsourcing technology to deliver a simple, real-time, transparent solution for real estate sponsors to comprehensively manage its properties, investments and capital raise campaigns. 

As part of its platform, RealtyeVest Marketplace offers real estate sponsors (owner-operators) benefits including:

• A private label branded and customized landing page; 

• Dashboards offering access to real-time investment and fund data, and investor enrollment in one location;

• Sponsors can use the company’s 506(c) exemption which allows investors to register and pledge same-day and acts as a placeholder until accredited;

• A seamless accreditation process, including digital execution of all documents;

• Ability to upload investors database and deal information to a customized site;

• Custom customer relationship management tools features such as chat and email protocols; and

• Access to company’s extensive list of more than 15,000 investors.

To launch the new program, the company charges a fraction of the cost typically charged to raise funds. As an added benefit, RealtyeVest does not ask for any percentage of the eventual capital raised. 

“This is the future of our industry,” said Dan Summers, CEO of RealtyeVest. “Our solution provides sponsors a distinctive advantage over companies still using time-consuming traditional methods to raise real estate capital. Being able to use our company’s 506(c) exemption, and manage all of your investors and investment capital through a convenient dashboard, makes raising funds easier than ever while drastically reducing fees and overhead.”

Up to now, traditional capital raising methods have proven drawn out and slow. In addition,  paying out large groups of investors can be complicated, particularly when they’re coming from multiple entities. Sending documents to numerous investors can also be a tedious and costly process. 

RealtyeVest Marketplace aims to change this. Once potential investors go through the company’s streamlined accreditation process and are approved, they can fund their investment into the sponsor’s escrow account. 

Another area the company is looking to impact is overcoming limitations of the 506(b) exemption used by most real estate companies. RealtyeVest will now give real estate companies the option of using either the 506(c) exemption or the 506(b), which includes up to 35 non-accredited investors, but unlike 506 (c) limits general solicitation.

“The RealtyeVest Marketplace is shifting the way sponsors raise capital with an easy integration of their methods and our technology,” said Summers. “We become the secondary source of capital for them.”


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