October Spotlight: 2017 Women in Building Services

October 17, 2017 - Spotlights

Norwell, MA The New York Real Estate Journal recently honored women specializing in areas of building services. The October 17th Spotlight edition shares insight into today’s building services industry from a woman’s point of view. Sponsors for this edition include CREW New York, Yardi and H2M architects + engineers.

The women featured include: (CLICK on name to view full responses)

Nadine Cino,
CEO, TygaBox Systems, Inc. and TygaTechnologies Inc.

Alexis Newman,
Senior Marketing Specialist, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Kristine Schmidt,
President, Environmental Geese Control, Inc.

Patricia Simone,
President at Simone Management Group, Simone Development Companies

Connie Racanelli,
President and CEO, Con Rac Construction Group, LLC

Kate Goodman,
Co-President, ATCO

Caren Maio,
CEO and Co-Founder, Nestio

Jaclyn Peranteau,
Principal, Prime Engineering, PC

Barbara Kavovit,
CEO, Evergreen Construction

Nancy Colella,
Principal, NYS Sustainable Corp.

Nancy Erardi,
CEO and President, NYCAN Builders LLC

Laura Reddy,
CEO, NuZine

Megan Guy,
Director of Development, Simone Development Companies

Jennifer Anna Pazdon,
New York City Office Leader, Cast Connex

Sara Rubenstein,
General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Continental Ventures

Julia Lindh,
Executive Managing Director, MKDA

Amy Rose,
Co-President, Rose Associates, Inc.

Sarah Nolan Hoff,
Owner / Principal Consultant, Hoffhaus Creative

Bonnie Hagen,
Chief Operating Officer, Bright Energy Services

Lisa Mulligan,
Brookhaven Director of Economic Development & CEO of Brookhaven IDA & LDC, Town of Brookhaven, Town of Brookhaven IDA & LDC

Nina Peek,
Vice President, AKRF

Colleen Griffiths,
Senior Technical Director, AKRF

Michele Boddewyn,
President, Boddewyn Gaynor Architects, d.p.c.

Jennifer Carey,
CEO, JLC Environmental Consultants

Michele O’Connor,
Principal, Langan

Kenne Shepherd,
Principal, Kenne Shepherd Interior Design Architecture PLLC

Julie Raisch,
Director of Expansion, CompStak

Kevin Renée Gilbert,
CEO, Gilbert International

Francesca Bucci,
President, BG Studio International

Diana Revkin,
Studio Director, TPG Architecture

Lauren Monaghan,
Project Manager, Bohler Engineering

Jane Smith,
Founding Partner, Spacesmith LLP

Diana Soldano,
Director of Marketing, Hayduk Engineering, LLC

Cat Trenner,
Vice President Business Development, BMDC Construction

Jessica Vail,
Director, Marketing & Business Development, The Falcon Group

Katie Perloski,
Design/Technical at Trace Pool Design, A division of Lothrop Associates

Michele Rogers,
Project Engineer, Langan

Ksenia Tretiakova,
Senior Design Engineer, Leslie E. Robertson Associates

Christine Belson,
Chief Operating Officer, KM Associates of New York, Inc.

Deborah Rashti,
VP of Marketing & Sales, EMS Restoration

Angela Rella,
Accounting Director, ACC Real Estate Services, Inc.

Kristen Gizzi,
Director of Real Estate, ECCO Development LLC

Cathy Hoffman,
Director of Sales Success, Atlantic Westchester, Inc.

Wendi Shafran,
Senior Project Architect, FXFOWLE

Lisa Bauerle,
Creative Director, MKDA

Erin Anthony,
Senior Electrical Engineer, AKF Group

­Sara Ngan,
Project Architect, Associate, FXFOWLE

Shari Leventhal,
Senior Project Manager, Langan

Stacie Alexiou,
CEO, Managing Director, WATT + FLUX, an LED Inspire Company

Danielle Semp,
Interior Designer, Lothrop Associates LLP­

Ellen Talley-Lotzky,
Strategic Account Manager, Symmons

Linda Scainetti,
Owner, Designworks LPS, LLC

Zoe Hutzler,
Chief Marketing Officer, Outsource Consultants

Pansy Cheng,
Senior Architect, H2M architects & engineers



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