Jawdat of NYCRE: Going out of the way to meet clients needs

November 25, 2013 - Spotlights

Jack Jawdat, New York Commercial Real Estate, LTD

Name: Jack Jawdat
Title: President
Company/Firm: New York Commercial Real Estate, LTD
Years with company/firm: 4
Years in field: 15
Years in real estate industry: 15
Telephone: 631-366-6267
Email: jackjawdat@nycommercialrealty.com
URL: www.nycreli.com
Real Estate Associations/Affiliations:
What are you hoping to accomplish by attending and/or exhibiting at the show and what is different about this year's show?
Hope to connect with real estate owners, operators and brokers that we meet every year. Also, meet with some of our clients and national tenants.
Are retailers finding the types of properties that they want right now and are tenants happy with the sites available to them?
Our retail clients have been very satisfied as we go out of our way to meet the needs of our retail leasing clients and owners.
How does your company use social media? Has social media been a beneficial tool in generating more business?
Social media has helped us to connect with investors, other brokers, developers, and owners on a much more professional level.
One year after the devastation of hurricane sandy, the redevelopment of many of New York's damaged areas has shed some light on this disaster with additional plans for expansion in the locations affected by Sandy. How will this affect NY retail and your business in particular?
Despite the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, the north shore of Long Island which had the least amount of damage, has remained a strong market.
In the current economic climate what kinds of deals are out there and who is the typical buyer? Consumer?
There seems to be an abundant amount of land deals for developers.
How did your company withstand the recession and what changes have you made to grow and succeed during the recovery of the retail market?
During the recession it seems that the leasing market had picked up much more than the investment sale market. This was the trend from 2009 through 2010. However, in 2011 we did a lot more sales than previously and the leasing market still stayed strong. In 2012 and 2013 we still have a strong leasing market, and we continue to see the investment sale of real estate getting even stronger.


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