ESCC provides integrated security and communications systems at Hadid-designed 39-unit condo property

January 09, 2018 - Owners Developers & Managers
520 West 28th Street - Manhattan, NY

Manhattan, NY A Zaha Hadid-designed condo building at 520 West 28th St. is welcoming its first occupants with a fully integrated security and communications network designed and installed by ESCC. 

Demanding technology to keep the building secure and online 24/7, ESCC provided the residency with a scalable, top-to-bottom, vertically integrated network that can run with minimal in-house oversight. With ESCC’s design, installation and integration services, new residents in the 39-unit condo building can expect to not only be surrounded by modern architecture but also by a fully integrated network tailored for the demands of luxury living. 

Robert Horowitz, president of ESCC, said, “520 West 28th St. presented new challenges for ESCC that pushed our design and installation teams to the forefront of systems integration. We were tasked to not only meet today’s challenges but also to anticipate future demands by providing solutions that are years ahead of the current technology curve.” 

Acting as both an integrated systems designer as well as a hardware installation firm for the ultra high-end condo building, ESCC designed, installed and integrated the development’s entire security and communications network. 

Included in this integration were essential components such as Access Control Systems, IP-based CCTV, Back-of-House Communications Systems, Wireless Entry Locks, Elevator Access Control, as well as an Integrated Intercom System.

Because of the wide range of ESCC designed and installed networks, ESCC emphasized system integration as a critical component of the project. This, in turn, helped to ensure that the installed systems worked together as a single, seamlessly integrated entity. For the residents and guests of 520 West 28th Street, this will not only improve the security and communications of the world-renowned condominium building but also give them the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that their building is secured with a modern, well-designed and fully integrated network. 

Says Horowitz, “We are proud that ESCC was able to meet the challenges of such an incredibly iconic and architecturally important living environment. We believe that this shows our commitment to meeting and exceeding the demands of some of the most complex projects in New York City and across the nation today.”  


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