Energy and water in the warming world: The EW3 Initiative

May 26, 2015 - Green Buildings

Nadine Cino, Tyga-Box Systems

Energy and water are inexorably intertwined. Producing energy uses water; providing freshwater uses energy.
Our current electricity systems cannot meet the growing demand for power which in turn, increases the strains placed on our water systems.
Both resources are essential to sustain life on our planet. Both are facing growing limits and are impacted by other conditions, not the least of which is a warming world.
Reducing water and climate risks by choosing options such as renewable energy and energy efficiency is a step in the right direction, however; what's essential for us to understand is what a low-carbon, "water-smart" electricity future looks like - and to make decisions today to move down that path.
To more clearly paint a picture and articulate what that future looks like, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and independent experts have teamed together in a collaborative effort to "build and synthesize policy-relevant research on the water demands of energy production in the context of climate variability and change."
Their efforts have resulted in the EW3 Initiative which has researched and reported on:
* Energy | Water Baseline
* Energy | Water Pathways
* Vulnerability | Risk | Geography
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Nadine Cino, LEED AP, is the CEO and co-inventor of Tyga-Box Systems, Inc., New York, N.Y.


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