Complying with the Multiple Family Conservation Program

July 27, 2015 - Green Buildings

David Schwartz, The Water Scrooge

In 2012, properties were automatically enrolled in the Multiple Family Conservation Program (MCP). This enrollment was tied to a four-year grace period to fulfill several requirements. Such requirements included: installing meters for the entire premises, installing commercial meters for high-water use tenants, installing automatic reading devices, and installing efficiency fixtures.
Anyone enrolled under MCP who fails to install the water efficient fixtures by June 30 2016 will be automatically expelled from the MCP, switched automatically to a meter billing, and charges associated fees.
Now is the time to install efficient fixtures and prevent the painful expenses of the upcoming switch. The Water Scrooge is here to help. The Water Scrooge's patented technology is the only effective tamper proof method on the market. Through their behind the wall regulators they ensure high conservation at affordable costs.
Property owners must comply with the above mandatory program in order to continue to be enrolled under MCP billing. By using The Water Scrooge not only will they be complying with the Multiple Family Conservation Program (MCP), but they will also be reducing their hot water usage, and in turn reducing their energy bill. In fact, by using The Water Scrooge property owners will most likely reduce their water usage below the MCP levels which will only increase their savings.
Water is a universal issue; there are millions of water fixtures throughout the United States. The Water Scrooge has the only effective solution in the market; they are experts in the water conservation industry with extensive experience, and have a proven track record of success. The question is not if property-owners will save, it's how much!
David Schwartz is the inventor of The Water Scrooge and CEO of DS Magic Tech, LLC, Lynnbrook, N.Y.


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