Coaching: Six steps to make 2018 your best CRE year yet - by Rod Santomassimo

January 23, 2018 - Front Section

Take a moment and reflect what you want to accomplish in 2018. 

How do you want to feel? Frustrated or confident?

How would you describe your average day? Reactive or proactive? 

What would be your status among those you care about the most? Absent or present? 

In each of these cases, I would hope you are selecting the latter choice and not the former.

If you want 2018 to be best year in commercial real estate yet, follow these simple, yet highly effective strategies and you will have that confident, proactive, present and, yes, productive year you always knew you were capable of:

1. Allocate your time. Each week schedule your week, block time for highly productive activities.

2. Retain and expand key client relationships. Be proactive–ask for referrals and secure testimonials.

3. Leverage others. Part-time, full-time or outsource those who are better skilled to handle the administrative responsibilities in your day.

4. Manage your pipeline. Make no assumptions and confirm all expectations. Qualify candidates and fire those that are expending your emotional energy.

5. Build your presence. Keith Ferrazzi wrote, “invisibility is a fate worse than failure.” It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you that matters.

6. Define your target market. How is your ideal client this month, what is their motivation, how can your services best resolve a challenge or leverage an opportunity?

Don’t let 2018 be the year you were average. Make this your best CRE year yet.

Rod Santomassimo, CCIM, is the founder and president at Massimo Group, LLC, New York, N.Y.


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