Gilbert of Gilco Realty brokers two sales totaling $570,000 in the Bronx; Also arranges three leases totaling 24,650 s/f

April 23, 2012 - Front Section

415 East 167th Street - Bronx, NY

Michael Gilbert, Gilco Realty LLC

Michael Gilbert of Gilco Realty LLC, a real estate brokerage company specializing in the sale and leasing of commercial and industrial properties, has closed five transactions, two sales totaling $570,000 and three leases totaling 24,650 s/f. The transactions include:
* 3393 Third Ave.: Gilco Realty brokered the $350,00 sale of this 1,500 s/f property to City Builders Development Corp. The buyer was represented by Bah Realty Group.
* 1700 Southern Blvd.: Gilco Realty was the selling broker for the $220,000 sale of this property to Parkside Bronx Realty LLC. The listing broker was SMP Realty Group.
* 415 East 167th St.: Gilco Realty brokered a ten-year, 20,000 s/f lease between Mikspenal LLC (landlord) and New Family Garage Corp. (tenant) for a parking garage. Gilbert represented both the landlord and the tenant.
* 1322 Commerce Ave.: Gilco Realty brokered a five-year, 650 s/f lease between Fisherman's Creek Realty Corp. (landlord) and Iglesia Pentacostal La Senda Antigua Inc (tenant). The tenant will occupy the space as a church. Gilbert represented both the landlord and the tenant.
* 1120 Webster Ave.: Gilco Realty brokered a two-year, 4,000 s/f lease between Spenceal Realty LLC (landlord) and Burroughs Recycling and Green Systems LLC (tenant). Tenant will operate a business recycling cans and bottles. Gilbert represented both the landlord and the tenant.


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