25 Year Anniversary Q&A: Ed Smith

August 26, 2014 - Spotlights

Ed Smith, Coldwell Banker Comm'l.NRT

Name: Ed Smith
Title: Regional Director for NY and CT
Company Name: Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT
Year Founded: 1906
Years with Company: 10
Years in real estate industry: 40
Q: The approximate number of years you have been a subscriber and/or how the NYREJ has been a benefit to you and/or your business.
A: I believe I started reading the paper around 1998. Having been successful in the commercial real estate business I wanted to share with others how to do it. So in February, 2003 I wrote my first article for the paper. This started my "Commercial Classroom" monthly column and I have been writing articles now for 135 issues. I hope my "tidbits" of education have helped new agents and served as a refresher for experienced agents. I thank all of you who have read my columns.


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