Professional Profile: Vincent Salvatoriello 2020

Vincent Salvatoriello

Name: Vincent Salvatoriello

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Company: Skyline Builders Group

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Birthplace: Orange, NJ

Education: BS Mechanical Engineering Technology/MS Engineering Management/Ph.D. Construction Management/Executive Degree-Finance/Strategy

First job: Orange Hauling & Contracting Company – Laborer (this was my grandfathers highway and heavy construction company)

First job in real estate or allied field: The Conditioning Company (mechanical contracting company)

What do you do now and what are you planning for the future? Skyline Builders Group (construction – real estate development)

How do you unwind from a busy day? Training for the Ironman

Favorite book or author: I only read professional development books and books on business consulting.

Favorite movie: “Schindler’s List”

Last song/album that you purchased/downloaded? “Come To Me” by Goo Goo Dolls

One word to describe your work environment: Productive

Rules to live by in business: Treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

If you could invite one person to dinner (living or dead) who would it be and where would you go? Jack Welch and a dinner at home

What is your DREAM job? (something other than your current job) I already have it.